Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nail Art Wednesday: Neon Fish Egg Nails

I let it slip last week that this week's Nail Art Wednesday will be based on the neon ombre skittles that I sported then. It was too awesome a mani that I had to wonder if I could make it even better with the addition of something that became a controversy of sorts in the nail polish world. I would rather stay away from the issue (yeah, I can be a pacifist like that) so you won't hear me talking about it. I did think it was such a fun look, controversy or no, that I wanted to try my hand at it. So at the suggestion of other nail bloggers, I headed to my local Michael's to look for the central ingredient in this funky nail look: microbeads. There were soooo many colors to choose from but I went with versatility. Just as well, as it looks fantastic over the neon ombre:

Stepping it up with Fish Egg Nails!

What I Used:
Thumb: Color Club Warhol
Index: China Glaze Pool Party
Middle: China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy
Ring: China Glaze Sunworshipper
Pinky: China Glaze Celtic Sun
Color Club Top Coat (used as a glue to bond the beads to the nail)
Recollections Clear Microbeads (can be purchased at your local crafts store; I got mine at Michael's)

How I Did It:

This was a tad messy so I wasn't able to take photos of a step by step procedure (I was afraid to get those microbeads on the camera) but it's easy enough to explain even without any. First off, you'll want to have your base colors painted and dry on your nails. Neons seemed like a great choice as they dry super fast. You'll, then, want to take a small container (I used a 10mL pot that I decant products into for traveling) and pour some of your microbeads into it. Make sure it's not too full to avoid overflow when you dunk your nails into it. It should also be big enough to fit at least a nail at a time. You can also use the container the beads come in, but I just found it easier to maneuver this way. Place it on a paper plate or some such flat container so that you don't get errant beads everywhere (and trust me, they get everywhere). This way, you also have less waste as the beads that fall off onto the plate can be reused in another manicure (or craft project). Having a pair of tweezers handy would be a good idea, too.

Once you have everything ready, place a thick layer of top coat on the nail you'll be working on. You've got to move fast so I really suggest doing one nail at a time. While the top coat is still wet and tacky, quickly dip it into the small container of beads. I waited some five seconds before I took it out. You'll notice that some areas will have clusters of beads, especially around the cuticle area. I used the tweezers to remove the excess. Be very careful though, as you might end up with bald spots if you pick at it too much. Allow some time for it to dry and you should be good to go! (Yes, no top coat on top as you want to keep the texture.)

 I chose clear microbeads for the versatility. They'll look great with any color underneath!

 Adding the beads actually made it easier to photograph true to color neons!

 Looks strange under flash, though.

 Really like that iridescence (most prominent on the index and thumb).

I wonder how this would hold up in a day at the beach..?

This was such an easy to do upgrade to an existing mani. It's not the most practical though and I ended up with beads everywhere while I had this on. I had to take it off after a day. I'm thinking a thicker top coat might address the falling off issue. Or maybe using nail glue, if you want to make sure it all stays put. This is the first time I've done this so my how-to isn't exactly the end all, be all of how to do this particular look. I'd say it does take some practice and experience to troubleshoot whatever issues you might encounter. But the important thing is to have fun with it! 

Would you sport the fish egg nail look? Or would you rather keep it confined to an accent nail, perhaps? What's the craziest nail look you've ever tried?


  1. Dark Euridice Caro LinaJune 28, 2012 at 12:08 a.m.

    Wow! Amazing nails!!!

  2. I've done Caviar manicures before and they are only supposed to last 24-48 hours. Pretty much after the first 24 hours a lot of them has fallen off or if you get the colored beads the color wears off them. I love the way they look though. I really like the flip flop fantasy color it makes the beads look awesome!!!

  3. love the neon with the beads! I did a caviar manicure last night and need to switch it up tonight. I think that it is fun, especially for summer!

  4. I've never done Caviar nails before and don't think I will ever, however I enjoy the artistic element behind it. Yours were so much fun to look at, and I like how it's a twist on the neon manicure.

    My biggest concern with this type of look is that if you don't secure the beads well, they fall off as you mentioned. Haha, but then if you secure them too well, I'm afraid it'll be a nightmare to remove. :P That's the only reason why this is a nail-art look I can't see myself sporting anytime soon.

  5. Thanks, Carolina! Have you tried this look? If not, would you? :)

  6. Thanks, Thefinetuners! Oh, wow, I'd love to see photos! What color(s) did you use? It sure is fun, but I'm not impressed with falling off beads. What did you use to keep them from falling off?

  7. Thanks, Angie! :) That makes a lot of sense, actually. Thanks for the head's up with the colored beads. I think I will stick to the clear ones, as they are easier to work with color-wise. Do you use a special base to keep the beads on? They sure are a fun look despite being a little impractical. ;)

  8. I honestly doubt I would sport it with darker colors as I find it's just so much better over brights. Thanks, Mary! I think you should give it a go, at least just for kicks. ;)

    You're right. It's not exactly the most practical of nail art designs and nail glue shouldn't be used lightly. :P I'm wondering though, if a thicker base like Gelous or SV top coat would keep them put longer. I'll give it a shot and report back. :)

  9. I haven't done the caviar nails yet... but never say never (if I do, it will most likely be in accent nail form) ;)
    Love the colors you chose for this one and again the props in your photos are pure eyecandy to me :D

  10. They're a bit of a pain though. Maybe try the velvet ones instead? It's the same idea except you use flocking powder instead of microbeads. :)

    The props are usually just things I have lying around the house. Oh, what I'd give to have an amazing accessory stash to pose with (like yours)! ;)


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