About Us

What's your indulgence?

I believe that everyone has their own little indulgences, be it a Starbucks venti vanilla latte every morning or a Hermes purse or five. Mine happens to be anything beauty related and I believe that indulging shouldn't have to mean impending bankruptcy in the future. I'm always on the look out for a better blush but nail polish is my weakness. I've managed to amass quite a number over the past few months since I've been bitten by the collecting bug. This blog came about as an effort to catalog said collection, as well as document my take on other various beauty products, trends and save you some money along the way with beauty deals and coupons you can use in your indulgences.

My husband, Mr. J, is credited with coming up with the blog name, Polished Indulgence. He rationalized that my seemingly irrational need for more nail polish (among other beauty products) needed to be justified. The promise of even more nail polish to further the blog along sounded like a good plan. Hammie, the world's most adorable hamster, also seemed to think it was a great idea so I could work on my rusty writing skills too. He promised his support by hanging out at the blog as the official Polished Indulgence blog mascot. Hopefully his cuteness will be enough to draw people in and my often frugal take on beauty will keep you coming back!

Between the three of us, we hope to keep this blog running smoothly, as well as foster a fun and friendly environment for all of us beauty enthusiasts. So please do look around and leave a comment or two. We hope you enjoy your stay here at Polished Indulgence!

Go ahead, indulge!
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