Monday, October 31, 2011

Color Club Revvvolution = Happy Holo-ween!

Happy Holoween (or Holowe'en, whichever you prefer)! (Yes, Spelling and Grammar Nazi, I spelled it wrong and it's for good reason. Bear with me for a bit.) While I'm not exactly a huge fan of the holiday, I'll still be joining in on the festivities and handing out candy tonight. I'm really excited to see the little trick or treat-ers and what costumes they'll have on! Last year, we even got a two year old boy dressed as a pumpkin who was trick or treat-ing with his father. His dad would ring the bell for him and move to the side so that when the homeowner opens the door, he'll see only the cutie pie. Funny how we had some decor at the door and the poor kid was too spooked, he didn't want to go up to the door alone! So we're laying off any spooky decor this time in hopes we'll see him again this year. Hammie says he's got the perfect costume for the party he's going to (he didn't even invite us along, boo!) and he can't wait to wear it. He said he'd show it off at the end of the post; the suspense is killing me! But before you think about jumping to the end of the post, let's take a look at how Halloween become Holoween.

black holographic nail polish swatch
That's what a dark rainbow looks like.

Friday, October 28, 2011

L'Oreal Owl's Night

Ever since I randomly got an owl necklace from Suzy Shier (it was on sale for $5!) and got a lot of compliments on it, I've started to have a thing for owls. Well, not entirely. I still think that if I saw one on a dark, Halloween night, I would definitely run away panicked like a headless chicken, screaming my head off. Assuming of course that all I'd have seen are two huge, round, gleaming eyes.  And if I were to hear a loud "hoot! hoot! hoot!", that will almost make me pee in my pants. Almost.

While what I have for you today won't cause any panic attacks or screaming hysteria, this unique color might very well make you pee in your pants in excitement.

l'oreal owl's night
Excited yet?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Indulge without the Splurge: Halloween Weekend 2011

Halloween is definitely right around the corner! Candy? Check. Decor? Check. Scary movie marathon? Goodness, please, no! I'm squeamish, I'll admit it. But squawk at me all you want, nothing is going to get me to watch a scary movie. Well, maybe if you promised me a lifetime supply of anything (and everything) from Sephora but let's not get into that. I've got some great deals you need to know about this weekend!
  • Free shipping with any purchase over $40 at Yves Rocher with coupon code: YRFREESHIP. Best sellers on the site are also up to 50% off!
  • Save up to 50% off on outerwear at! Free shipping over orders $75 and up, plus get an extra $10 off with coupon code: REDFLAGDEALS10 at check out.
  • Save 40% off EyesLipsFace (ELF) Studio Make up with your purchase of $25 USD or more with coupon code: STUDIO. Offer valid till October 31, 2011.
  • is offering an additional 40% off all sale items. Please note that they ship from US and the standard delivery charge is $18 which includes all duties and taxes.
  • The Bay Days are here! Get 40% off Women's Outerwear and up to 50% off  Men's Brand Name Dress Shirts. Available both in-store and online. Shipping is free over online orders $99 and up.
  • For a limited time, Jacob is offering 30% off all in-stock items, both in-store and online! Get free shipping with orders $75 and up. I just saw that they had nail polish, too! Intriguing.
  • It's that time of the year again! With purchases $26.50 or more, get a free gift from Clinique at Sears valued at $70. The kit includes: Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Moisturizer SPF 20 (15mL), Liquid Face Soap Mild (30mL), Lash Doubling Mascara in Black (4mL), Different Lipstick in Different Grape (4mL), Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 in Air Kiss (2mL) and Soft Pressed Powder Blusher with Brush in New Clover (2g) all in a floral cosmetic case.
  • Get a free 5-shade lip gloss compact from with any purchase over $34 with code: LIPS11 until supplies last. Also get free shipping with any order with code: OCT11 until October 31, 2011.
  • Get a free sample of Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair when you present this coupon at the Estee Lauder counter at the Bay. Valid till November 3, 2011.
  • Get a free sample of Oscar de la Renta's new fragrance, Live in Love at the Bay with this coupon. Offer good till October 31, 2011.
  • Save up to 50% off selected styles at Smart Set till October 30, 2011. Plus, get an additional 25% off on all pink sticker prices. Offer available both in-store and online.
  • Shoppers Drug Mart is having another Bonus Points Redemption Weekend! 50,000 points = $100 off your bill (an extra $15) and 95,000 points = $200 off your bill (an extra $25) I heard the Quo by Orly sets have landed..
  • The Body Shop has some awesome deals going on for a limited time! Take your pick from: Buy 3, get 2 free/ Buy 2, get 1 free/ Buy 1, get 1 50% off available both in store and online. This would be a great time to stock up on favorites! Note though that this excludes all travel items, hand cleanse gels, prepackaged gifts, gift cards, Love Your Body Memberships and charitable items. It may not be combined with any other offer. If fragrances are your thing, you may get a free tassle bag with a purchase of $25 upwards.
  • Get 20% off your entire purchase both in-store and online at Bench Canada. Use coupon code: benchgift at online check out or print off this coupon for us in-store. Offer valid till October 31, 2011.
  • Last but most definitely not least: the annual Esprit and Lacoste Warehouse Sale is on now till this weekend! Save up to 80% on Esprit clothing and accessories, as well as Lacoste footwear. Details are as follows:
    • Thursday and Friday (October 27-28): 10am-9pm
    • Saturday and Sunday (October 29-30): 10am-6pm
    • Location: International Center-Hall 4, 6900 Airport Road, Mississauga, ON
Hammie says: Go ahead, Indulge! Happy Halloween!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nail Art Wednesday: Special Birthday Nails Part 4, Piggy Nails

The last week of October is finally here! That was fast. Halloween is right around the corner and we can finally get to the most wonderful time of the year (at least for me): Christmas! But before we get carried away (Hammie says: Speak for yourself. Okay, fine.), the last October birthday celebrant is by no means the least of the pack: my sister in law, Jennifer.

She is easily one of the strongest women I know. We might only be related by marriage but she feels very much like my own sister and I have a lot of respect for her. She learned Spanish so she can communicate with her husband's family, so now she speaks 6 languages, two of which are dialects. She kicked the big C in the butt and came out of the struggle more determined than ever. She's also a new mom to one year old Alena and their two dogs/babies, Bash and Shiva. I wanted to do something extra special and focus on one of her most favorite things that she collects: pig plushies!

pig nail art
I borrowed those coin banks from her.. :D

More photos and how I did it after the jump!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Truckload Tuesdays: Winning at Winners

Yes. I know. Three Truckload Tuesdays in three straight weeks. Needless to say, my wallet is not very happy with me right now. I'm imposing a "No Buy" after this. Swear. But hear me out.

See, after weeks and weeks of dropping by my local Winners in hopes I'll find more of the 7pc Color Club sets (I saw the Starry Temptress collection before), I've finally found not one, but TWO of the sets I've been looking for! Just when I've all but given up, too. Here they are:

Color Club Back to Boho Collection: Nomadic in Nude, Earthly Angel, New Bohemian, Shabby Drab, Rad Nomad, Red-ical Gypsy
Back to Boho Set A...

Color Club Foiled Collection: Foiled Me Once, Hot Like Lava, Cold Metal, Perfectly Mol-Ten, Antiquated, Lumin-icecent
...and Foiled!

This is easily the most polish I've purchased in one go. But at $12.99 for each set, it was a steal! Love that they included a top coat in one and a base coat in the other. Winners is really stepping up their game! I saw a whole bunch of the China Glaze Metallic Crackle polishes, as well as some Orly, Barielle, CK, Nicole by OPI, a full OPI shatter display, LA Colors sets and some other brands that I've never heard of. Price-wise they're pretty competitive, selling at around the same price as Sally Beauty. Winners keeps on winning!

Oh, if you're curious, I found all these at the Winners at Highway 7 and Woodbine. It's right beside Urban Planet/Home Depot. There's still 2 other Foiled sets but I think I might have gotten the last Back to Boho set (sorry..).

Must. Stop. Buying. Nail. Polish.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Nina Ultra Pro Mossy Britches

Ever seen a nail polish color and knew you HAD to own it, by hook or by crook? First, it was Chanel Peridot, the one Chanel polish that *almost* made me break my self-imposed $10 maximum price per nail polish bottle. In the end, Hammie convinced me that $25 was just too much to spend on one nail polish when I could get four or more for the same price. (I've heard rumors that Hammie hails from the Hamstons but this is one sensible, penny pinching hamster so I don't think so!) Then, came Butter London's Wallis but at $14, it was still over my limit. These green/golds were killing me! Not even wearing Nubar Wildlife could kill the crazy lemmings from these two. So I hit the interwebs in search of something that might be similar (I was so far gone, I didn't even need a dupe) without killing my budget. This is what I found:

Look at that pretty!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Color Club New Bohemian

When I was asked by the talented Marta from Chit Chat Nails if I wanted to do a triplet post with the wonderful Carolina from Colores de Carol, how could I say no? (Subliminal message: Those links are there for a reason. You know you want to click them...) I was so excited, I felt like the luckiest girl alive! Luckier still that the polish picked for today is extra special. It's so special that it definitely deserves three times the love.

Hammie says: A warm welcome to all the lovely ladies who are here through Marta from Chit Chat Nails and through Carolina from Colores de Carol! We are most honored by your presence and we hope you enjoy your visit with us!
Hammie dice: A cálida bienvenida a todas las bellas damas que están aquí por medio de Marta de Chit Chat Nails y por medio de Carolina de Colores de Carol! Estamos muy honrados con su presencia y esperamos que disfrute de su visita con nosotros!

Pretty, isn't it?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nail Art Wednesday: Special Birthday Nails Part 3, Apple/Mac Nails

It was unfortunate that a couple weeks ago, the man who epitomized Apple passed away. His uncompromising stand on perfection and innovation will, no doubt, still be carried on by those whose lives he's touched directly and indirectly. So instead of mourning the sunset of one, we'll focus on the joy of daybreak for another: our birthday boy of the week, my brother in law, Chris.

When I was brainstorming ideas for nail art that would best describe Chris, it felt very much like an uphill battle. He's a bunch of contradictions that it was difficult to pin point just one aspect of him to showcase. He likes to stand out and yet he embraces trends as they come. He's all for innovation but he enjoys vintage. And then it hit me. He is (most probably) the biggest Apple fanboy I know.

Minimalist, shiny Apple inspired nails!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Truckload Tuesdays: Drugstore (and more) Roundup from Across the Border

Last Thanksgiving, Mr. J and I decided to eschew expected traditions and set off on a very spontaneous trip that involved going south for the weekend.  We invited Hammie along but he said he had some elbow rubbing to do at his parents' Thanksgiving dinner party at the Hamstons. I wasn't even aware that he was so well-connected; that surely explained his good taste with the whole "hamsters of the same fur, smoosh together" sort of bit.

We decided to go on the Friday, booked the hotel on Saturday and left on Sunday. Yeah, we're crazy like that. ;) Good thing the gorgeous weather held up all throughout and made the drive easy. We left at awkward hours too, so we didn't really encounter any traffic to and fro. Lucky for us, Columbus Day sales coincided with the long weekend so of course we did a spot of shopping! We also did the drugstore rounds in hopes of finding products I'd seen on blogs that haven't yet made their way up north. In this, self control was a must! I didn't want to pay high border duties and since we stayed overnight, we were allowed at least $50 worth of un-taxable shopping for each of us so I had to make sure I stayed well under $50. But that's enough rambling and on with the show!


Meet the Polishes!
Clockwise: Butter London No More Waitey Katie, Butter London Wallis, Confetti Ice Ice Baby, CQ Rustic Dream, Scherer Chameleon in Blue Sky, L'Oreal Owl's Night (LE), Butter London All Hail the Queen

Butter London No More Waitey Katie, Butter London All Hail the Queen and Butter London Wallis
 My first Butter London triplets. Wee!

Scherer Chameleon in Blue Sky and CQ in Rustic Dream
Drugstore duochromes. Mmmhmm.

L'Oreal Owl's Night from Project Runway Collection 2011 and Confetti Glitter polish in Ice Ice Baby
Project Runway inspired polish and duochrome glitter.

Two (Salma Hayek's Nuance) pods and a (NYX) lippy.

Left to right: Neutral Eyeshadow, NYX soft matte lip cream in Tokyo and Warm Lip Quad
Partially open pods!

I was very pleased with these. The Butter London polishes were on sale, buy 2 get 1 free! I ended up paying only about $9 for each. Well within my self-imposed per bottle price tag limit of $10. It was so hard to choose just three! Bluey was begging to come home with me, too. *cries* I shall return, Bluey..! The Scherer polishes were a very pleasant surprise! I didn't know you could get duochromes at the drugstore. I was always under the impression that they were usually hard to find. If only they'd travel further up north though.. We'll have to see how good these chameleons are in the coming posts. I picked up the $2 Confetti polish because it was blue glitter. And the name made me giggle: Ice Ice Baby. Little did I know that it was also a duochrome! I did a nail wheel swatch and it shifts from teal to blue. Gorgeous. My only regret? That I didn't get more of those glitters! The L'Oreal polish was limited edition from the Project Runway collection so you know I had to get it. It was the one that caught my eye the most. The rest were easily dupe-able so I skipped out on the others. Can't wait to put this one on!

I've been wanting to swatch these since I got them but the sun's on vacay and I'm fairly certain the sunlight photos for these will be gorgeous and do them more justice. So I'm torn between just going ahead with it and just updating the posts with the sunlight photos when the sun finally shows its face again. 

What do you think? Would you want to see swatches and reviews on the makeup, too? Any here that you'd love to see first?

Monday, October 17, 2011

China Glaze It's Alive

You know those little jelly cups that sometimes have bits of fruit inside them? I love those so much that I can finish a tub in one sitting. Almost (but not quite) as much as I love chocolate. I also prefer jelly instead of tapioca in my bubble tea. So it comes as no surprise that I have a thing for jelly finish nail polish. I used to be on a creme kick but once I put on a jelly, there was no turning back. It's easily one of my favorite finishes just because it looks so squishy and it's crazy shiny...really, what's not to like? But you know what's even better than a jelly? A jelly with glitter! Revlon Facets of Fuschia was such a hit that I knew I had to get more of these wonderful jelly glitters. So when I saw the 4pc China Glaze Haunting collection on sale at Sally Beauty, it was practically a no brainer. The star of the set?

china glaze it's alive swatch
China Glaze It's Alive in all it's jelly glitter awesomeness.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Nubar Gold Leaf

One of the best things about Fall is the changing colors of the leaves. It's like one big showcase of Mother Nature's fashion looks. One day she's sporting greens. Next you see her in oranges and reds. Then some earthy browns are thrown into the mix. With a gorgeous blue sky as the backdrop, this kaleidoscope of colors can be so much awe-inspiring.

A quick look outside reminded me that I had a polish in my stash that mimics Fall colors so well that I can't believe I haven't reached for it since the season officially started!

Isn't that just gorgeous?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Indulge without the Splurge: 13 October 2011

I was supposed to post one of these sooner this week but things got quite hectic from the spontaneous weekend trip to Mr. J's birthday. The coming weekend should be all the more interesting as we're having friends over for his (belated) birthday dinner so I'll be slaving in the kitchen for that. Thought I'd gotten out of it when we decided to skip out on the huge Thanksgiving feast for a weekend trip instead. But you don't want to hear about my ranting so on with the deals!

  • Buy 1 get 1 half off on all regular priced Essie and Misa nail polish at Trade Secrets till Octber 28, 2011! This will come in handy for the Misa Nail Art Challenge. (P.S. Hammie tells me that the OPI Muppets Collection is out today.)
  • Fruits & Passion is holding a buy 1 get 1 40% off on all merchandise for their promo: Wednesdays Bear Fruit. If you missed it yesterday, don't despair! This one runs on Wednesdays including October 19, October 26 and November 2, 2011, in stores only.
  • Buffalo David Bitton has an additional 30% off already reduced items for a limited time! Unfortunately, not valid at liquidation stores or online.
  • Northern Reflections has up to 50% off select styles and 40% off sweaters. Perfect for dreary and slowly cooling weather. Brr!
  • Start a chain of sharing Kleenex! Send a pack your family and friends and get one, too! Quite timely for those nasty cough and colds brought about by the changing weather.
  • Get a free deluxe sample of a mini Rouge Dior lipstick with any foundation or complexion product at the Bay with this coupon.
  • Holt Renfrew has a great Clinique gift with purchase of $35 or more available from October 14-23, 2011 while supplies last. Included in the gift are: Vitamin C Lip Smoothis, Antioxidant Lip Colour, Color compact with eyeshadow and blush, mascara, a trio of make up brushes, travel sized make up remover, moisturizer and cleanser in a floral cosmetics bag. Available in stores only and limit of one gift per customer.
  • Murale has an awesome Fab and Free promo going on. Spend over $100 in store and get $200 worth of beauty products, free!
  • The Bay is also offering a Lancome gift with purchase of $34 and more, till November 6 while supplies last and limit of one gift per customer. While the offer is valid in store and online, if you buy in stores, you recieve a gift bad and your choice of three treatment products and four makeup products with an estimated value of up to $183. Purchasing online will give you a 7-item gift with an estimated value of up to $124.
  • Coach Factory Outlet has another great coupon: an additional 30% off on already reduced prices! Great for those shopping for early Christmas presents or just as a treat for surviving the week.
  • Save an additional 25% off at Abercrombie & Fitch both in store and online until October 16, 2011, excluding redline items as those have been marked down an additional 40% already. Use code: 10149 at check out for online purchases.
  • Le Chateau wants you to buy select blazers and coordinates to instantly save $50. Blazers must be priced $150 or higher. Promo is available in store and online. Use coupon code: WORKWEAR at check out.
  • RW&Co. is offering 25% off outerwear, including all winter coats, jackets, hats, gloves and scarves! Minimum purchase of $78, before taxes.
  • Plan ahead for Beautylicious at Bloor-Yorkville! These value packages and services from high end salons and spas book up fast so better scout the offers and find what best fits your needs and budget. Price ranges from $25, $50, $75 and $125. This is a great time to try more expensive salons that you normally wouldn't! Beautylicious runs from October 27 to November 6.
Don't forget to check the freebies and giveaways on the left, right under Hammie!  Dove Nourishing Oil and Jergens Overnight Fix are the most recent.

    Wednesday, October 12, 2011

    Nail Art Wednesday: Special Birthday Nails Part 2, Toronto Maple Leafs Nails

    Every week in the month of October, we celebrate 1 birthday. This week's birthday celebrant is super duper, extra special. You see, 34 years ago today, the love of my life was born. *goofy grin*

    I was originally thinking of doing red based nail art. Not because it's Mr. J's favorite color, but because it's Chinese tradition to wear red during people's birthdays and it would be a great way to honor his heritage. But he's not exactly what you'd call traditional so in the end, I ended up with nails that best describe one aspect of him: a Toronto Maple Leafs fan.

    Mr. J is a sports nut. He calls into radio shows on his drive to work to give his two cents on the latest buzz. He puts on baseball/hockey/basketball/football games in the background while we have dinner. He's almost always updated on who traded who, which team is top of the ranks and which coach just got fired. Out of all of his favorite teams, the Leafs hold a special place in his heart. He has figurines, mugs, a throw, shirts..yeah, you get the idea. Never mind that these days any hope of them entering the playoffs is pretty dismal. But you never know, right? While I love my hubby to pieces, I'll never cheer for the Leafs as the Flames will always be my team.

    Go Leafs Go!

    Tuesday, October 11, 2011

    The First of Truckload Tuesdays

    Hello, my name is Carmela. I'm a polish hoarder.

    I guess we've now established that one of the major reasons Polished Indulgence was conceived involved some sort of justification for a nail polish compulsion. No, it really doesn't sound as horrible as I made it out to be. I like to think of it as a growing collection. Some people collect baseball cards and stamps. I collect nail polish. I'm relatively new to it too, starting in earnest only in March of this year. In six months, my 6 nail polish bottles grew to a family of 112. Yep. Those suckers multiply faster than hamsters! (Hammie says: Hey! I take offense to that!)

    So what's all that got to do with Truckload Tuesdays? Well, I tend to get my polishes in bulk. By that, I mean I usually get 3-4 at least in one go. Horrible, I know. But they need friends; they get lonely. And the more, the merrier, right? :) So Truckload Tuesdays is where we'll come clean and showcase our latest finds. They'll also serve as a preview to future posts as I'll do individual, in depth reviews and swatches for each soon after. (Note that for Mr.J's sanity, these won't be weekly posts. That would be a bit much, don't you think?)

    Here they are, the newest additions to the family:

    Just in time for Halloween!

    More photos (and a bit of justification to ease my conscience, lol) after the jump!

    Monday, October 10, 2011

    OPI Movin' Out and Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!

    Ever read a book or watched a movie or tv series that had such a huge twist that you're left with mouth ajar and completely speechless? There was Darth Vader's classic line: "Luke, I am your father..!" Not so much oomph with that now since the prequels came out. Another classic is finding out that Tyler Durden and the Narrator (Hammie says: Don't you find it strange that Edward Norton's character doesn't have a name? No, really. Google it.) from Fight Club are the same guy. Before the last of the Harry Potter books came out, finding out that seemingly omnipotent Dumbledore dies before reading Book 6 would have a hardcore fan wailing in despair. (I've seen it happen.) More recently, protagonist Ned Stark dying and Daenerys Targaryen hatching dragon eggs from Game of Thrones were two of the bigger shockers from the first season. These huge twists often either justify what's happened so far or further the story to bring it to heights that it wouldn't have reached without the big shocker.

    Oh Sean Bean, why must your characters always die..?

    The same is true for the polish I have for you today. Its chameleon like quality makes it "must have" material despite being an older polish. Yes, the formula isn't 3-Free but when you see the magic it does, that doesn't really matter so much any more. Special polish for a special holiday! WARNING: Photo-heavy post after the jump!

    Don't let that demure pink fool you.

    Friday, October 7, 2011

    Indulge without the Splurge: Thanksgiving Weekend 2011

    Happy (early) Thanksgiving, Everyone! Lots of great things happening on the weekend and I can't wait for the work week to end. Apparently, a lot of retailers feel the same. I've got tons of amazing deals and steals to maximize your Thanksgiving weekend shopping, even on a budget.

    • Yves Rocher has their entire selection at 50% off till October 11, 2011! If that's not enough reason to shop, they're also offering Free Shipping and Free Samples with your order of $20 of more with coupon code: FSHIP20. With the discounts, $20 will go a long way! Best time to try something from them if you haven't already.
    • Aldo is offering 10% off your purchase from now till Thanksgiving with promo code: THANKS11 for use online or this printable newsletter for use in store. Boots season is coming up..!
    • Save 30% off your purchases from Forever 21 on the long weekend! If you're shopping online, don't forget that all orders over $60 gets you free shipping as well.
    • Kiehl's Canada is celebrating Thanksgiving weekend with free shipping and a 30mL Ultimate Strength Hand Salve with any purchase using promo code: GIVING. I love this hand cream! This will definitely come in handy as the cold months set in. Promo ongoing now till October 11, 2011, 3am EST.
    • Gap has up to 50% off everything till October 10, 2011! Remember that you get free shipping on all orders over $50 and you can combine purchases to total $50+ from their sister stores, Old Navy and Banana Republic.
    • Cake Beauty has the Satin Sugar Hair and Body Refreshing Powder at 40% till October 8, 2011. Just use coupon code: dryspell at check out.
    • Get 40% off any regular priced item at Ricki's till tomorrow, October 8, 2011 with coupon code: SHIPCT4. Use this coupon if you prefer to shop in store.
    • Stocking up on lingerie? La Senza has a Facebook offer that takes 50% off any regular priced item from today till October 9, 2011. Get an additional 10% off with your Prestige card membership! Update: Free shipping for the long weekend in Canada and US ground shipping!
    • Not to be outdone, La Vie en Rose has a 2 for 1 sale on bras, sleepwear, men's, swimwear and accessories for a limited time.
    • Aerie is offering an additional 50% off clearance items and free shipping! Use coupon code: 82476531 at check out. Promo runs till October 10, 2011.
    • American Eagle is also offering an additional 50% off clearance items and free shipping till October 10, 2011. To get your discount, just enter promo code: 82576531.
    • Save up to 70% off at Aeropostale from now till October 10, 2011, in store only. This promotion excludes markdown items and fragrances. You can also receive a $10 gift card with every $40 spent.
    • Le Chateau is giving you a gift this Thanksgiving of a $25 coupon towards any regular priced top that is at least $50 before the discount is applied.

    Whew! That's a LOT! Now, don't forget about the two warehouse sales going on this weekend as well, the Puma Warehouse Sale and the American Apparel Warehouse Sale. Plan ahead and get there as early as you possibly can!
    Hammie says: Happy Weekend and Happy Turkey Day! Go ahead, indulge!

    Fingerpaints Military Green

    A lot of Fall's trends this year include predictions of colors that are going to be big during the season. Some said navy and electric blue will be big, along with honest to goodness greys. (I can totally get with that!) Others said gold greens reminiscent of the widely lusted after Chanel Peridot was going to make a splash while I've noticed dusty looking colors in almost every single Fall release. When I last surveyed my stash for on trend colors, I realized that I was seriously lacking in the green department. Shame! Of course, you know I had to remedy that!

    FingerPaints' answer to Fall fashion.

    Thursday, October 6, 2011

    Indulge without the Splurge: 6 October 2011

    We've been having some good luck with the weather gods this week! Lots of wonderful sunshine to combat the past weekend's iffy gray weather. Here are a few other happy thoughts to get you through to Friday!
    • Suzy Shier Canada wants you to do some shopping! Get 30% off your entire purchase in store and online. The bad news is it can't be combined with any other offer, including the 20% off new Prestige membership discount. The good news is the Suzy Shier Outlet store is holding a mega blowout sale with items as low as $1! Lots of discounts all around. Both promos run from October 6-10, 2011.
    • Danier is holding its Fall Clearout Sale with jackets at half price! Offer good till October 9, 2011.
    • Get 25% off Eau de Toilette fragrances both online and in store when you pay with your MasterCard at Fruits & Passion. Offer runs till October 9, 2011.
    • Mark's Work Warehouse is offering 30% off men's and women's regular priced outerwear this weekend! The sale begins tomorrow, October 7, 2011 and runs all the way till Sunday, October 9, 2011.
    • Save 20% off your purchase of $100 or more at Addition Elle Canada with promo code: AE20100 tomorrow, October 7, 2011 only. Unfortunately, this is an online only promotion. Best to look for your top picks today so you're ready to go tomorrow!
    • Get a free sample of Yves Saint-Laurent L'Homme Libre fragrance. Just fill out the form here and wait for delivery! Unless they're actual perfume samples, I like to place these fragrance samples in smelly shoes.
    • Get an additional 30% off already reduced items at a Coach Factory Outlet! Print out this coupon for use till October 16, 2011. Great for some early Christmas shopping or just a little reward for a week well done.
    • For the whole month of October, 100% of all proceeds from EyesLipsFace (ELF) glossy glosses in Twinkle Pink and Wild Watermelon are to be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation! This is a cause close to my heart. If you're in need or on the look out for new pink glosses, these are amazing and guilt-free purchases!
    • is having its Thanksgiving Sale from now till October 11, 2011 with their entire inventory of glasses at $38 + shipping & taxes! That's including some of the designer glasses from Ray Ban, Fendi and Gucci. I think some prescription sunglasses are in order.. For the contacts wearers, not to fret! They've also got you covered with free shipping and $10 off your purchase of $179 or more with coupon code: TGCONTACTS.
    • Another warehouse sale to look forward to! (Thanks to Sparkled Beauty for the head's up!) The American Apparel warehouse sale is on this weekend with deep discounts as much as 90% off. This can be popular to definitely plan ahead! Details are as follows:
      • Sale goes on from October 6-10, 2011. From 9am to 9pm.
      • Location is CNE Direct Energy Centre, Heritage Court, 100 Princes' Boulevard, Toronto, Ontario

    Lots of great warehouse sales going on this weekend so if you're planning to go to one or both, make sure to plan ahead! Parking (or lack of) and the long queues can be horrible but all worth the $$$ you save. Best you carpool and have a designated driver so you won't have to worry about the parking, and make sure to go there early! Even when you think it's early enough, go even earlier. Trust.

    Wednesday, October 5, 2011

    Indulge without the Splurge: 5 October 2011

    More great deals today!
    • Free shipping at Lise Watier with coupon code: FREE00 till October 10th!
    • Buy 3, get 3 FREE at Bath and Bodyworks, also till October 10th!
    • More free shipping from Forever21 with coupon code: LOULOU from October 7-14, 2011. Great time to stock up on sweaters for the cooling weather!
    • When you "like" Bootlegger Canada on Facebook, get a coupon for 25% off any regular price extended size jean. Print off the coupon to use in store, or use promo code: B25XJEAN to shop online. Promo valid till October 26, 2011.
    • Save 30% off any single top at Northern Reflections with this printable coupon in store. Valid till October 9, 2011 and on regular priced items only.
    • Get $2 off any Maybelline Eye Studio Product with this coupon.
    • Doing some early Christmas shopping? H&M is offering a 25% off coupon any item from the Men's Department. Valid till October 16, 2011.
    • The Puma Warehouse Sale is going on this weekend, from October 6-October 10 (VIP day)! The details are as follows:
      • Thursday, October 6: open noon-6pm
      • Friday, October 7: open 9am-9pm
      • Saturday, October 8: open 10am-6pm
      • Sunday, October 9: open 10am-6pm
      • Monday, October 10: open 10am-6pm
      • Location: International Centre, Hall 4 6900 Airport Road, Mississauga, ON L4V 1E9
    Happy Indulging!

    Nail Art Wednesday: Special Birthday Nails Part 1, Pastel Skittle Nails

    In our family, October is known as the birthday month with birthday dinners every week. It's always a lot of fun, family getting together and all that. Since each celebrant usually picks a different restaurant, it's also a great way to try some place new to add to the rotation. (Or they do a party at home!)This year, we're having one more birthday to celebrate: my niece, Alena, who's turning one on the 8th!

    I did a skittles manicure in honor of the birthday girl in fun bright colors. I then stamped animals from the Konad S10 stamping plate in silver and added a holographic glitter layering polish as the final touch.

    What I used:
    Thumb: In the Mood Devious (cold color)
    Index: Nicole by OPI City-Pretty Rose
    Middle: Orly Snowcone
    Ring: Revlon Garden (from the Spring 2011 mini set)
    Pinky: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Lemon Dash
    Silver stamping polish: Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Pure Silver
    Glitter polish: Sally Hansen New Lengths Ceramics in Silver Slightblade

    More photos after the jump!

    Tuesday, October 4, 2011

    Indulge without the Splurge: 4 October 2011

    We've been tinkering around with the blog a bit and I don't know if you've noticed, but in the side bar just below Hammie, you'll see a bunch of links for great beauty and fashion related deals, coupons and giveaways that we try to keep updated. To better facilitate information dissemination, we've decided to compile these into a post. No schedule for these as I'll update as I find discount news, coupons and contests for freebies. So check back often or subscribe via email to stay up to date!

    • Canadian freebies at! Just sign up and complete their survey to receive your free samples. I got Arm & Hammer laundry detergent, Sensodyne toothpaste, John Freida Full Repair hair care, Oxi Clean cleanser and a Glade air freshener. Not a bad haul for 5 minutes of your time! Get yours at
    • More free samples for the whole month of October at! Any purchase over $30 qualifies you for your choice of free samples. You can also save $10 off any purchase $40 or more with coupon code: SMARTS. Shipping is always free in Canada!
    • Gap Factory Stores Canada has all outerwear at up to 50% off! Get an extra 30% off on all clearance items; add another extra 15% off when you purchase $85 or more with this coupon. This is not valid online or at Gap retail stores. Offer valid from October 7-10, 2011.
    • Get $3 off any Hanes underwear with this printable coupon. You can never have too much comfy underwear! Coupon is valid till February 28, 2012 and may not be used for socks.
    • Bath & Bodyworks has two fantastic coupons to use till October 5th! Great for stocking up on the limited fall releases or stocking stuffers. One is a $10 off $30 or more and the other is $15 off $40 or more.
    • Shoppers Drug Mart is holding its first Customer Appreciation Day tomorrow, October 5! Get 20% off your purchase of $50 or more. Use this coupon to get the discount.
    • Sirens Canada has another $5 off $25 coupon available! This one is valid for the whole month of October.
    • The Fall Sale at Urban Outfitters is on now! This deal is available both online and in store.
    • Save up to 70% off at the LL Bean outerwear sale! Perfect timing if you're on the look out for a new fall or winter jacket. Don't forget that shipping in Canada is free is you select "Everyday Free Shipping" at checkout.
    • Get a free 6pc gift from Biotherm at Sears when you purchase $30 or more worth of products. Offer valid till October 21, 2011 or until quantities last. Best time to buy a new moisturizer!
    • Save an additional 25% off clearance items at Aldo shoes! Enter coupon code getlucky75985 for 15% off on top of that. Can't get any better? Shipping is free for a limited time. Boots shopping, anyone?
    That's it for this issue of Indulge without the Splurge! Let us know in the comments what deals you liked the most and which ones you think aren't worth spreading the news.

    Hammie says: Enjoy the rest of this sunshine-y day!

    Monday, October 3, 2011

    A Quick Thank You and Preview Post!

    I've only recently started this blog and it's with a lot of my family and friends' support that I've meticulously kept at it. Of course, Hammie's a big cheerleader, too. 
    I have a whole bunch of posts scheduled to go and it's taken all of my self control not to keep posting them one after the other in an effort to bring you more nail polish awesomeness here at Polished Indulgence. I've resolved to stick to the M-W-F schedule so I can make sure that the quality doesn't deteriorate with quantity.

    Anyway, the reason for this unscheduled post is to say a very BIG thank you to one of the best beauty bloggers I've come to know: Mary from Swatch and Learn. Her encouragement means a lot and her kindness and generosity really shows in how successful her blog has grown in merely a year. Good things come to good people is what I've heard.

    What started out as a simple offer somehow turned into a swap of sorts. The short story of it is that I am now the proud owner of one of the most amazing polishes OPI has churned out: OPI Movin' Out! All thanks to Mary! :D As well as some awesome NYX pigments that I've been dying to try.

    It even came with that pretty pink card full of wonderful thoughts. :)

    That being said, thank you so much, Mary! Hammie sends you his kisses. And a HUGE shout out to everyone who's dropped by. We have a whole lot of wonderful things in store for you and we hope you keep coming back!

    NYC In A New York Minute in Spring Street

    We, here at Polished Indulgence, believe that indulging and being polished and put together doesn't have to mean spending a lot of money. There are a lot of great alternatives to high end brands and their offerings. A high price tag doesn't necessarily mean a better quality product. Half the time, you're paying for the brand. Case in point: L'Oreal Group of Companies. Their consumer line includes Garnier, L'Oreal Paris and Maybelline New York. Each has their own niche and fairly affordable prices. Then you have their luxury brands among which include Lancome, Giorgio Armani and YSL Beaute. Ever heard of the L'Oreal Infallible Loose Eyeshadow being very similar to the Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Silk Eyeshadow? Same parent company. Now, I'm not saying they're exactly the same, but I am stressing the fact that you CAN get a similar product without breaking the bank. Huge cosmetic companies usually structure themselves so that they can appeal to both low and high price point consumers to maximize profit. So, why pay them more when you can get something similar for less?

    That's exactly what NYC In A New York Minute in Spring Street is all about. It's a great cheery red orange shade that dries fast and shiny even without top coat for only a couple of bucks. How can you go wrong with that?

    Just what the nail doctor ordered for dreary Fall days.
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