Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Truckload Tuesdays: Hail the Nail Mail and a note to all my lovely readers

You know that saying that goes: when it rains, it pours? That's exactly how this past week was. After griping on Twitter about how long it's been taking my Models Own order to get to me while (it felt like) everyone else has already gotten theirs, and awaiting other similar packages, I finally get ALL of them last week! I do have to say that I have a sneaking suspicion that our mailman is either lazy or not all there. A few weeks ago, I got a package that he(/she?) jammed into our mailbox so well that Mr. J and I needed some quick thinking to get it dislodged. Enter a couple of screwdrivers and a lot of pulling. Luckily, while the box was decimated, the contents were perfectly fine. Now, just last week, instead of dropping off the packages at the door, I get mail notices that say I'd have to pick up my packages at the nearest post office. You have to understand that we live only about 2 minutes walking distance from those mail boxes. So, yeah..

Anyway, I'm just really, really ecstatic to finally get them all in one go! :D

Mail love from Mary (aka Mellinail). I'm really grateful she found my first Chanel for me!

I love how eco-friendly and snug this packaging was.

The Super Powers Collection. That blue is my new all time favorite blue.

Some "magic fish food" to whet your polish appetite.

I thought it was funny that it came in such a huge box!

The Beetlejuice Collection. Not as duochrome-y as I thought, but still pretty good.

I also got the Kobo eReader I got last Cyber Monday but Mr. J promptly gift wrapped it and told me I couldn't play with it till after Christmas before I could get any photos. That's one more thing to look forward to, then! Don't you just love it when the universe conspires to make it feel like Christmas came early?


I've been putting off announcing this as I've been hoping I can get around circumstances. Hammie insists that I must admit defeat though when I realize how busy things will get and how much scrambling I've yet to do to get the house in order. No, it's not anything particularly bad. It just so happens that my in-laws are coming over to visit for Christmas and will be staying with us till the end of January. I doubt I can do new swatches once they arrive (they'll be here next Wednesday!) so I've been doing swatching marathons when I can to make sure I'll have enough material to use while they're here. So the bad news is that I might not have swatches of the polishes I featured above until early February (which is probably for the best as the Super Powers Collection won't be available till February, anyway). I might not also be as vigilant with the Indulge without the Splurge posts, depending on how busy things will be. While I will be scaling back a bit, rest assured that you'll still get the polish posts every Monday and Friday, as well as the nail art posts on Wednesdays. 

We do hope you'll understand how crazy the holidays can be, especially with family over. So let us be the first to wish you a very happy, crazy and fun Christmas season!


  1. Omg! There are a load of lovelies here but SUPER YAY for Peridot!!!!! Squeeeee!

    And that bottle Beside it in the photo says "CHIT CHAT" like my blog! Omg! !!!!!

    I'm glad your going to spend slime quality time with family this Holiday season... That is, after all, one of the best parts of the Holidays ;)

    Enjoy, and because we love your blog we will be here when things get back to "normal"
    Good things are worth waiting for!
    Hugs to Hammie

  2. Hahaha, I KNEW you'd be most excited to see Peridot! :D And good eye! I was thinking of tagging you in that photo caption. Isn't it cool that there's a brand out there who shares the same name as your blog? Apparently, they have a whole line of cosmetics, too. Not just nail polish. :)

    Most definitely. :) I just wish my side of the family could be here as well, but I suppose there's always next year. This year's is looking to be crazy busy!

    Aww, thanks so much, Marta! You're the absolute sweetest. :) Hammie sends his hugs to you and your adorable children (okay, maybe Peter, too).

  3. Beauty ReductionistaDecember 7, 2011 at 12:28 a.m.

    Congrats on snagging Peridot - you will LOVE it! Just in time for the holiday too!

    As for blogging, don't sweat it and just turn to it when you can. The best thing about it is that it's on your terms and schedule, not anyone else's. Also, I get the feeling you'll be back sooner than you think as an escape from the in-laws. ;)

  4. Thanks, Liz! That's exactly what the hubby said. :) If any, I think he's more excited about me wearing it than I am!

    Hahaha! You might have a point there with the in laws. Thankfully, they're lovely people that I get along so well with but 6 weeks IS a long time.. ;)

  5. Now that's some amazing nail mail right there! :) I'm so happy that you can now wear Chanel Peridot. See? It's a total must-have! :D

    Those Cult Nails polishes are gorgeous, too! Seriously, Maria knows what she's doing!

    I'm most curious to see your take on the Models Own polishes. I don't have any and probably won't be ordering any for a long time because I just can't afford a lot of purchases right now. Sooo...I'll be back to drool over your swatches. They'll tide me over! :D

  6. I have to agree. Definitely a must have! I'm glad you all talked me into getting it and the other Mary was kind enough to actually grab me one while I've been woefully unlucky in finding it myself. :D

    Oh, that she does! I'm excited to place another order but with all the Christmas shopping, I won't (rather, shouldn't) do it till the year ends. I already know what I'm going to get, too!

    Okay, I'll bump those up the priority swatching list then. :) Hopefully I'll have some down time in the next six weeks to do it. *fingers crossed* Thanks, Mary!


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