Friday, December 16, 2011

Nubar Reclaim helps you reclaim the (holographic) magic of the holidays

How awesome is it that it's 9 more days till Christmas?? We've hit the single digits in the countdown! *squeeeee!* I sincerely hope you have at least half your shopping done (or about to be done this weekend), all your decorations up and at least a good idea of the dinner menu by now because 9 days is really cutting it close! Although, who am I to talk when I've just finished all my cards (finally!) and they'll be mailed tomorrow. I know they're not going to make it, but it's the thought that counts. :D If your Scrooge needs some cheering up or to take your mind off all the things that still need to be checked off from the long Christmas To Do list, take a few minutes and let this green holographic weave some of its Christmas magic:

Reclaim some of that Christmas cheer with Nubar Reclaim!

The Quick Take

Brand/Name: Nubar Reclaim
Color: Grass green
Formula: Grass green filled with lots of holographic particles
Finish: Holographic
Price: $4.25 - $10.25 CDN for 15mL
Seen at:, Fernanda's Beauty Supply, Nail Polish Canada and other international retailers 
Note(s): Reclaim first came out in 2009 with the Going Green collection that showcased different shades and finishes of green polishes to show Nubar's commitment to being an eco-friendly company.

The Fun Facts

Holographic <3 in a bottle!

Bottle from the back (check out that strong holo!)

Serial at the base.

Nubar brush

Linear holo. *dreamy sigh*

I own my share of holographic polishes and I have to say that this is one of the stronger among them. The base is distinctly green and it flashes the rainbow in most lights, even in more dimmer lighting. You'll see in the natural light/no flash photos that it still shows a hint of that rainbow awesomeness that manifests magnificently in sunlight. The finish by itself is considerably shiny but, as always, top coat makes it even glossier.
***All nail swatches were done with Orly Bonder Base Coat and two coats of  Nubar Reclaim unless stated.

Natural light/No top coat/No flash
Shiny, huh? You can even see my reflection if you look close enough. (You don't have to. Really.)

Natural light/No top coat/Flash
Ahhh. Raaaiiinbooow...

Sunlight/No top coat/No flash
Definitely linear holo, yes?

What I love more than the holographic nature of this polish is how opaque the formula is. This could easily be a one coater. I do two anyway, partly out of habit but I find the color looks all the more deeper and shows more holographic with a couple coats compared to just one. The formula flows really well, giving you a nice, even application that dries faster than your average polish. No issues with removal, and the brush? Oh, don't get me started on how much I like that flared handle. I've already talked about it here, so I'll spare you the details.

Natural light/Top coat/No flash
Shinier but not by a lot.

Natural light/Top coat/Flash
Hammie says: RAINBOW!

Sunlight/Top coat/No Flash
Hammie sings: "Not only green when summer's here/But also when 'tis cold and drear/O Christmas Tree..!"

What can I say? Top coat makes most everything better. Sparkly, shiny, shimmery loving Hammie agrees.

The Lowdown

When I first got wind of this polish, I was concerned that it being a 2009 release would make it hard to find. Luckily, it wasn't a limited release and even Nubar still lists it on their website. Nail Polish Canada, one of my go-to online retailers (fast within Canada shipping equals no duties), also just recently started carrying the brand and have Reclaim in stock. If you prefer a physical store and you live in the GTA, Fernanda's in Mississauga has you covered.

Now, as far as I know, this is a unique polish. Sure, there are a lot of holographic nail polishes that are surfacing from various brands from all over but none have the same shade of green that Reclaim has. If you're a rabid holo collector or a green (the color) lover through and through then, yes, you need this polish. Rest assured that getting this pretty green is money well spent. Best if you can get it closer to below $6.00 to make it a really good deal. A note of caution: make sure you don't wear this under bright lights where you'll need a lot of focus, because believe me, you'll keep looking at your nails when you have Reclaim on.

Hammie, that sparkle and rainbow fiend, is having a ball singing O Christmas Tree. He did pause long enough to comment on how wonderful he thought Reclaim was. Linear holographic awesomeness in a unique shade of green that dries to a fairly glossy finish is right up his alley. He's been basking in a whole lot of holiday cheer and is feeling very generous lately (hopefully that also translates in his Christmas presents for us!) so he scores Reclaim:

10 Hammie Points!

Are you a holographic nail polish fan? What's your favorite green polish? How are your holiday plans coming along?


  1. Incredibly pretty! I'm really loving green polishes now, since seeing Peridot. Theoretically that is, since I can't put on nail polish decently. =D

  2. Beautiful! The shade of green is really gorgeous. This has been on my wishlist for some time. I hope to be able to get it eventually. I don't have enough holos in my collection.

  3. Thanks, Anthea! Did you see that I did get my hands on a bottle? I'm saving it for my Christmas mani even if I've been itching to wear it since I got it. :) (Haha, delayed gratification much?) Oh, pssh, all you need is a bit of practice and you'll be a pro in no time! :)

  4. Thanks, Melissa! I hope you do get it as it is even better in person. Especially under bright sunlight! I feel the same about not having enough holos and missing out on the famous China Glaze OMG collection. What I'd do to get my hands on those!

    Hope you have a great weekend ahead! :)

  5. Nubar Reclaim is the best green holographic polish ever made so far! It applies effortlessly and the holo effect is really strong. Being a green lover, myself, this is one of my most treasured greens. :) Looks good on you!

  6. I'm glad you like it so much, Naomi! I hope you either have it in your stash or are thinking of getting it. It's so much better in person; my photos don't quite do it justice. :)

  7. This is absolutely gorgeous!!! Such a great green!!

  8. It truly is, Marisa! If you're really into greens, this one is a definite must have. :)

  9. How is it that both you and Mary sport greens and ROCK them... and I get a little intimidated by them?
    I don't wear green often... but I do enjoy Stranger Tides by OPI (cheating... bc it is a very pale green ;) )
    I also like the Cult Nails green as well as ORLY Under the Mistletoe...
    I only have silver holos... :D

  10. Do you really? You have such lovely nails; I doubt there's a color out there that won't look good on you! The darker greens are especially pretty and you totally rocked Orly Under the Mistletoe! :D

    I can't wear Stranger Tides. It looks like I have nails that are overtaken by fungi. Not very nice. I think it's funny that some of the prettiest colors that I'd love to wear but can't, you wear amazingly well. ;)

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