Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Nail Art Wednesday: Red, Gold and Green Checkered Nails

Are you as excited as we are that Christmas is almost at hand?? I know, I know, there's probably still a ton of stuff to do, but let's not forget the reason for the season. Maybe a breather or two and a nice cup of peppermint mocha should calm the holiday-weary soul. And while you're at it, how about another take on the perennial colors of Christmas:

Get into the spirit!

What I Used:
Red: Zoya Isla
Green: Nubar Greener
Gold: Orly Luxe
Gold glitter: Color Club Gingerbread

How I Did It:
1. Once you've primed your nails with your favorite base coat (I used Orly Bonder), paint on two coats of your base color. For this design, we'll use a gold foil as the base (Orly Luxe).

 2. Divide your nail into 4 quadrants and using some tape, cover 3 of the quadrants. You can choose any corner you want, but for this tutorial, I did the lower right quadrant in green (Nubar Greener). Note that you can also do alternating colors in the different quadrants for each nail for a more festive look.

3.After the green polish is dry, take off the tape and cover the other 3/4 of the nail. The exposed area should preferably be the one diagonally opposite to the quadrant you first painted, in this case that's the upper left quadrant. Paint this exposed area red (Zoya Isla).

4. Remove the tape after the red polish has dried. I never have much luck with taping nail art as I find the polish always, always seeps underneath the tape so I can never get nice clean edges. (If there's some trick to this, please do enlighten me in the comments; it would be very much appreciated!) That's okay for this design as we'll cover the imperfections with some gold glitter (Color Club Gingerbread).

5. After all the layers are dry, seal with top coat and bask in Christmas cheer!

Good ol' fashioned red, gold and green for Christmas.

Posing in the middle of wrapping presents!

As of this writing, all these ribbons are now stuck to their corresponding gifts.

Hammie sings: "Red bows on the railings/ And snowflakes on the ground/ But it's a green Christmas for me.."

With less than 4 days to the 25th, let us be one of the first to greet you a very Merry Christmas! Also, Happy Hannukah and Merry Kwanzaa! :D

Have you been naughty or nice this year? What's one of your all-time favorite Christmas song (the one that says it's not quite Christmas when you haven't heard it)? What's your Christmas mani looking like this year?


  1. This looks great!! Love the colors you chose!

  2. Thanks, Marisa! I'm glad you liked it. :)

  3. OH! Another beautiful manicure just in time for the Holidays. I love it!
    I am slowly getting ready for Christmas... cooking up a storm, one evening at a time so that I get it all done before Christmas Eve (that is when we celebrate Christmas- Polish tradition).
    The gifts are all packed so that is nice :D
    Funny you should ask about a christmas song... I will be sharing my favourite christmas song inspired manicure tomorrow... it is the one song that helps me appreciate this season :D Helps me be thankful for what we have

  4. Thanks, Marta! I've been sporting it for a couple days now and it's showing a lot of wear from all that time spent in the kitchen. Looks like Peridot is coming out to play for Christmas, after all. ;)

    Ooooh, what's on the menu? :D No kitchen duties for me apart from baking goodies to be given away to friends and family as the in laws want to do a dim sum dinner at a restaurant. Btw, those almond treats look scrumptious!

    We (Filipinos) celebrate on the Christmas Eve, too! We have something called Noche Buena (Spanish; literally translates to "night good") where we have a huge dinner, pass time by playing games, etc and opening gifts at midnight.

  5. Great manicure idea, Carmela! :) This definitely reminds me of the holidays when things are so sparkly and festive.

  6. Thanks, Mary! That is definitely the idea. :) Merry Christmas!!! :D


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