Friday, December 2, 2011

Rimmel London 60 Seconds Camouflage ushers in the Christmas cheer with greens and golds

I don't know about you, but when you combine red, green and gold the first thing that comes to mind is Christmas, my absolutest, favoritest time of the year! (And maybe that song by Culture Club..) So throughout the month, you'll see a smattering of red, green and gold polishes here at Polished Indulgence. We're kickstarting the month with one of my green pretties that has a gold shimmer to it from another cheapie but goody brand that my cousin swears by (a mommy who can only get her nails done if they dry faster than her little boy can climb out of his crib).

[Red] Gold and green, [red] gold and greeeeen...

The Quick Take

Brand/Name: Rimmel London 60 Seconds Camouflage
Color: Green with golden shimmer
Formula: Green semi-frosty base with gold micro glitter
Finish: Shimmer
Price: $4.99 CDN for 12mL
Seen at: Shoppers Drug Mart, WalMart, Rexall,
Note(s): Found in most places, this is part of the core collection of the Rimmel 60 Seconds line.

The Fun Facts

Bottle shot.

Isn't one second just enough time to dot something on your nail?

The one second brush. (Notice the green base color at the neck of the bottle.)

Check out that gold veining!

I'm a little confused as to why they called it Camouflage when the gold shimmer isn't very camouflage-y at all. In fact, it's what makes this a "look at me" shade. Nothing particularly military to it either so unless it was just a nod to military green (that to my mind leans a bit more yellow than this), I honestly don't get it. The base color lies somewhere between a dark spring green and hunter green. Neither too dark leaning nor light, this can be easily classified as a midtone color. What makes it stand out from all the other boring midtones is the gold shimmer that adds a vibrancy to the otherwise dull base color. This dries a tiny bit shinier than a satin finish so if you're all about shine, this could definitely use some top coat lovin'.
***All nail swatches were done with Nail Tek II Foundation Base Coat and two coats of Rimmel London 60 Seconds Camouflage unless stated.

 1 Coat/Natural light/No flash
Looks like decent coverage albeit a bit sheer...

1 Coat/Natural Light/Flash
..But flash shows just how sheer 1 coat is.

Natural light/No top coat/No flash
You see more of the gold shimmer in natural light.

Natural light/No top coat/Flash
Such a vibrant green!

Sunlight/No top coat/No flash
Here you see more of the gold shimmer/specks.

I really have to call out the brush on this one. One second application is such a PR move. It takes one second to place the brush on your nail and that's not even accounting for the time you move it to do one brush stroke. No, you do not get one second application. I DO have to say that the brush is equal parts phenomenal as the claim is BS. It's comparable to the OPI brushes that have the same rounded brush tip and pliable bristles that fan out to make application ridiculously easy. The main difference it has with the OPI brush is that this isn't as thick so when you fan it out, you get more control (if that makes sense). On my pinky, one stroke is all it takes to cover the entire nail. So while you will need more than one second for application, it's decidedly faster with less strokes for full coverage. Consistency works wonderfully with the brush as it's just the right viscosity to give you a nicely flowing polish that levels itself out. This is easily one of the few polishes I own where my right hand requires practically no clean up (I'm a righty). But if that isn't awesome enough, add fast drying (it really is!) to the list and you've got yourself one mean polish that can give higher end brands a run for their money.

I also included 1 coat photos to show that for it to live up closer to the one second application claim, it had to be able to provide full coverage in 1 coat. Obviously it fails in that respect, but I'm pleased to report that even with multiple coats, drying time isn't affected much. Thick coats usually warrant longer drying times and the same holds true for Camouflage, so if you go with thin to medium coats with full coverage in 2 coats, I think it's fantastic that the polish is completely dry (not just dry to the touch) after you're done with one hand. Definitely good for new mommies or anyone with little time to spare.

Natural light/Top coat/No flash
That's more like it!

Natural light/Top coat/Flash
Hammie says: I doubt you can camouflage with this on your tips.

Sunlight/Top coat/No Flash
Hammie says: Top coat means nothing under the sun?

Top coat makes Camouflage come alive! The shimmer becomes more noticeable and it deepens the green base color to make an even prettier polish.

The Lowdown

The only possible dupe that comes to mind is Gosh Golden Dragon. Both are medium greens with a gold shimmer. Golden Dragon does lean a bit more blue and has a more metallic look to it. Camouflage has more yellow tones to it and is a softer gold shimmer. If you can't get your hands on the Gosh version, Camouflage does a good job of presenting you with an option (I know Gosh isn't available stateside). Bonus points that it's easily accessible being part of the core collection wherever Rimmel is sold and for a fraction of the price of a Gosh polish (that retails at about $11 CDN).

I really enjoyed wearing Camouflage as it put me in a decorating mood the whole week. Yes, ALL the decors are up before December even started! Better even that when my sis in law came to visit yesterday, she thought we got a new tree (we only updated some of the ornaments and added some ribbon to the mix). Now, if only shopping for Christmas presents were as easy as applying this polish...

Hammie thinks green is more associated with the Grinch so he's not quite feeling the generous spirit of the holidays as of yet. I think the thought of shopping for presents has put him in a penny pinching foul mood, as well, so when he saw the silly one second application claim, he went and docked two full points from Camouflage! (Guess he's not a fan of deceiving consumers.) He scores it:

8 Hammie Points!

What colors do you associate with the holidays? Have you finished putting up all your Christmas decorations? Do you prefer a real live pine tree to a store-bought plastic fir?


  1. I've picked this color up in the store numerous times and have always passed it up for some reason. I guess it was me trying to convince myself that I don't need it, but I definitely want to get it eventually. It's a really pretty green and I love the gold shimmer in it. I agree though, this color doesn't come to mind when I think of camouflage. Still a great color though and the price is reasonable. Thanks for the review!

  2. I guess we try to tell ourselves we don't need something in an effort to control the (nail polish) wants. I do the exact same thing! :) I was supposed to get a vampy purple, too, but I realized I had way too many in that color family so I decided to branch out and get this green. I'm glad I did. :)

    Hopefully Camouflage can join your nail polish collection one of these days! Thanks, Melissa! :)


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