Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nail Art Wednesday: Special Birthday Nails Part 4, Piggy Nails

The last week of October is finally here! That was fast. Halloween is right around the corner and we can finally get to the most wonderful time of the year (at least for me): Christmas! But before we get carried away (Hammie says: Speak for yourself. Okay, fine.), the last October birthday celebrant is by no means the least of the pack: my sister in law, Jennifer.

She is easily one of the strongest women I know. We might only be related by marriage but she feels very much like my own sister and I have a lot of respect for her. She learned Spanish so she can communicate with her husband's family, so now she speaks 6 languages, two of which are dialects. She kicked the big C in the butt and came out of the struggle more determined than ever. She's also a new mom to one year old Alena and their two dogs/babies, Bash and Shiva. I wanted to do something extra special and focus on one of her most favorite things that she collects: pig plushies!

pig nail art
I borrowed those coin banks from her.. :D

More photos and how I did it after the jump!

What I Used:
Pink base: Wet N Wild Strawberry Milk (opaque light pink creme)
Ears and snout: Sally Hansen Inst-Dri Rose A Go Go (peachy pink creme)
Black: Sally Hansen Xtreme Black Out
White: Wet N Wild French White Creme

This one was easy to do. First I painted all my nails in the pink base that will be the pig's skin color. After it dried, I used a detail brush to paint quarter circles on each side close to the cuticle, making sure they don't touch or overlap using the peachy pink creme. Those will be the pig's ears. Using the same brush, I painted a circle (or oval depending on your nail's width) on the lower half portion of the nail for the snout. Using the handle of my brush, I dipped it in white nail polish and placed two dots just on top of the snout circle to make the eyes. Make sure each layer is dry before you move on to the next. Lastly, with black nail polish and a toothpick, I placed a dot within the white ones I previously did to add pupils to the eyes and added two short vertical lines within the snout to make nostrils. Apply top coat after everything is dried and you're good to go!

nails made to look like pigs
Posing with piggy plushies and piggy banks!

pigs on your nails
No piggies were harmed in the making of this post.

turn nails into pigs
Aww, piggy with a bow! I wonder..

nail art to make your nails look like pigs
This little piggy went to the market...

girly pigs
...this little piggy stayed home.

pigs with bows
This little piggy had roast beef...

pigs with flowers
...and this little piggy had none.

nail pigs
And this little piggy cried, "Wee, wee, wee!" all the way home!

I ended up putting bows and a flower on some of the piggies when I saw that one plushie with a bow. I wanted to do hats as well but I wasn't too sure that I wouldn't mess it up. All the piggies featured in this post (not including my nails) are part of Jennifer's collection that she was kind enough to loan me. One last look:

nail art with fancy pigs
Hammie says: *pouts* What about Hamster nails..?

Would you sport these piggy nails in public? Or would you use green instead of pink and do the infamous pigs from Angry Birds? Did you watch Orson's Farm when you were younger?


  1. Wow!!!! These look 'simple' enough to do but are sooooo adorable! And might I add that I thoroughly enjoyed your creative spin on the photos! Altogether this was such a cuuuute post.
    I think your sweet personality really came through in this post and I really enjoyed reading it...Happy Birthday to your Sister-in-Law and yay for those litte piggies!!!!!!! (ps. I might see if I can duplicate this look on my daughter's nails... mind you they are teeeny tiny ;) ) we shall see :)
    pps. the colours you chose are just brilliant for this look!

  2. Happy Birthday to Jennifer!

    Oh, so cute! I think I can actually do this myself (on my left hand at least, hahah). I would definitely wear piggy nails in public, and proudly too. ^_~

  3. Thank you so much, Marta! I'm glad you liked it. This was very easy to do as I was new to this whole nail art using freehand business. I had to keep the designs readily replicable for my sake as well as for anyone else who might want to do it, too. :)

    Oh, I'd love to see your daughter's piggy nails! It might be harder because you have a smaller area to work with, but I'm sure it'll turn out super cute! :D

  4. Thanks, Anthea! You can definitely do this! I'd love to see your take on it. :)

  5. Happy birthday to Jennifer! She sounds like such an inspiring person, and it was really sweet of you to pay her this lovely tribute.

    Your little piggies are so adorable - I'll have to try these, too, if I can find the right pinks in my collection. ;) And the one who went to market really prettied herself up, didn't she? :)

    Thanks for sharing your cool nail art and including a tutorial, too!

  6. Thanks, Mary! She really is. She's like the big sister I never had. :)
    Why, thank you! My little piggies are thrilled you find them cute andI'm sure your magical Helmer holds some appropriate pinks. That market going piggy wanted to make sure she was "presentable". I heard she's "on the hunt" so you need to look extra spiffy in public, just in case. ;)

  7. I just hope that she didn't wear any perfume because, well, she might attract the wrong kind of guy if she smells like bacon. :P But of course he'd be in love with her.

  8. But don't ALL guys like bacon? The only people you probably wouldn't attract with bacon will be the health nuts and vegans. And even then, I can see the health nut struggling immensely. :D

  9. Wow...looking on how to do nail swirlies and stumbled upon this post almost a year later.....looks like a lot of effort on the piggies! What are you going to do next for my bday? Mexican sombreros? ahahahah......

  10. Hahaha, this was actually really easy to do! :D I didn't even use anything fancy, just toothpicks (since this was before I even got brushes). Hmm, Mexican sombreros...I think I can do that. ;)


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