Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nail Art Wednesday: Special Birthday Nails Part 3, Apple/Mac Nails

It was unfortunate that a couple weeks ago, the man who epitomized Apple passed away. His uncompromising stand on perfection and innovation will, no doubt, still be carried on by those whose lives he's touched directly and indirectly. So instead of mourning the sunset of one, we'll focus on the joy of daybreak for another: our birthday boy of the week, my brother in law, Chris.

When I was brainstorming ideas for nail art that would best describe Chris, it felt very much like an uphill battle. He's a bunch of contradictions that it was difficult to pin point just one aspect of him to showcase. He likes to stand out and yet he embraces trends as they come. He's all for innovation but he enjoys vintage. And then it hit me. He is (most probably) the biggest Apple fanboy I know.

Minimalist, shiny Apple inspired nails!

What I used:
Silver: Rimmel Lasting Finish Pure Silver
White: Wet N Wild French White Creme

This is the easiest nail art I've done so far. I hope you don't think it's a cop out, but I was trying to mimic the clean lines and minimalist feel of an Apple laptop. Mind you, getting that logo right was tricky! I also painted "iChris" on the thumb so it wouldn't look so plain.

Ignore the HTC logo. 
Obviously I don't own an iPhone & my iTouch was suspiciously missing when I took the photos.

Yeah, this didn't come out straight..I need a more opaque white.

It looks splotchy as I decided to forgo top coat so that I'd still have the brushed metal look of the silver.

One last look!

What's your take on Apple products? Do you think Apple will continue on their trajectory even without Steve Jobs at the helm?


  1. Great job on the Apple logo, and the "iChris" was a nice, personal touch.

    The only Apple product I own is an iPod, but I do think that they have a lot of innovative and fun products. It's just that my budgeting doesn't really allow me to splurge on their stuff. They always have such sleek-looking products - very minimalist.

    I think that at first, Apple will take a hit, but they will recover and then continue building their legacy of creating innovative products. Maybe there's a new visionary who will rise to the occasion?

  2. Thanks, Mary! :) It was the first time I did freehand, actually (did this before the Maple Leafs nails because it was the easiest of the birthday nails :P).

    I didn't want to jump on the bandwagon either just for the sake of it, although they do have quality products. I find some are overhyped though, but that might just be the Android fan girl in me talking. :P

    Funny how the iPhone 4S is selling like crazy right now, never mind that everyone wanted the iPhone 5. I guess they're not really taking much of a hit.

  3. Carmela I love this idea! I immediately tweeted this to my brother because, like your brother-in-law Chris, my brother Tobiasz is a major Apple enthusiast... MAJOR
    ONTO THE NAILS... I absolutely love the base colour you used; it looks so incredible on your slender nails. And while very detailed, your minimalistic nail art is the perfect touch... that logo is fantastic!

    ps. I also read your "about us" today and I was touched about how supportive your hubby is in this blogging thing (Peter, my husband, is the same way)... and you're right, blogging is a great reason to keep buying polish ;)
    I really have been enjoying your blog!

  4. Thank you so much for your kind words, Marta! I feel a lot better now about the logo. Is your brother getting iPhone 4S? Chris already has his order in and he's getting the phone next month. :P

    I did tell Mr. J about your husband getting you those Chanel polishes for your birthday in hopes he might take a hint for next year. ;) We're definitely blessed to have found such amazing partners, aren't we?

  5. What a gorgeous and super unique design. Fantastic job! I am by no means an Apple fangirl. I'm a techie and usually like allllll kinds of brands and don't show much allegiance to just one. Yep, I do love my iPod and MacBook but I love my HTC phone and PC too. ;)

  6. Thank you so much, Brittany! I feel the same about tech. I don't want to corral myself into one corner and not enjoy the other goodies every other company out there has to offer because of "brand loyalty". I find it's always best to find something that suits your needs regardless of the brand. Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead! :)

  7. Biggest Fanboy is an understatement ahahha...maybe Shanikin should rock her nails for his bday this year!

  8. I'd totally love to do a 2.0 version of this is she wants to sport it. But I think she's more partial to leopard print nails... :D

  9. Hahah. Yeah true true. :P

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