Friday, July 6, 2012

Unboxing Julep Maven Boho Glam July 2012

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you. I really did end up going with the Boho Glam option for this month's Maven box! The American Beauty option included a glitter polish and a nude blush pearl polish that's supposed to match the nude blush lip gloss. I didn't want a pearl finish so I was left with a toss up between Classic with a Twist (that includes soft light pink lip gloss and matching nail polish with microshimmer, as well as another nail polish in fuchsia with microshimmer) and Boho Glam (similar options to Classic with a Twist except the colors lean warmer; you'll see in a bit). If you're wondering why I didn't go with the options with glitter polish, well, I didn't think they were so unique that I had to have them. So I ended up with Boho Glam. And I'm happy I went with it!

It's a strangely smaller box...

 Well, no wonder it's small as it only contains 3 polishes and 1 lip gloss, among other special treats.

 My penchant for coral makes this a no brainer choice.

 Again, I appreciate how they include easy to replicate nail art ideas!

 I said treats earlier, right? 
Well, there are the treats right there: Fireball candy that I promptly passed on to Mr. J!

 Contents of the box.

 This is such a gorgeous warm leaning coral lip gloss with gold shimmer! 
(I couldn't quite get the shimmer to show up on photos, though)

 From left to right: Georgia (a cherry red microshimmer), Mischa (a pretty coral with gold microshimmer) and the free nail polish: O Canada (iridescent glitter interspersed with red hex glitter suspended in a clear base).

A macro shot of O Canada! (I'm thinking I should probably invest in a macro lens, yes?)

Another winner of a box for me! I'm definitely relieved that my gamble with picking Boho Glam for this month paid off. The matching nail polish and lip gloss have such a gorgeous coral shade that the gold microshimmer plays so well with. It's a nice pop of color without being obnoxious. Plus, I've been wanting to try those Butter London lippies that have a matching nail polish so getting these helps quell the lemming. Now, I'm still feeling a bit ambivalent when it comes to Georgia but it is a great summer red that I might wear on my toes. What tipped this box over to the winning side of the spectrum was the free nail polish celebrating Canada's birthday and 4th of July in the US. I was debating whether to add on America the Beautiful (the free nail polish for US subscribers) but I realized I probably won't use it as much as O Canada anyway. And maybe I'm a little biased but I really did like O Canada better than America the Beautiful. *ducks* My only beef is that I didn't get the box early enough to actually use the glitter polish on July 1st.

So there you have it. I hope you have an awesome weekend ahead as mine promises to be hectic (what's new? :P) with some quality time with the Cutie Pie (aka the niece). What do you think of this month's box? If you're subscribed to the Julep Maven program, have you ever chosen a different box for the month? Did you like it or was it one of those, if I could turn back time moments? Do you feel that the profiling quiz is accurate enough to predict what you will want to receive in your box or would you rather have the option to manually pick out the colors for yourself?


  1. I got the same box as your's and I'm super pleased! I'm loving the lip gloss and the nail polishes are different than what I already have. My first ones with shimmer and my first sparkle one :) Coral has to be one of my facourite colours so it's all yay to me!

  2. Yay!! That's awesome, Candice! :) I definitely agree, this is easily one of my favorite Julep boxes thus far! :) Which profile is your default one? Did you have to pick the Boho Glam one to get all the coral goodies?


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