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Skin79 Shimmering BB Cream Review and Swatches

I'm fairly certain that by now, the term "BB Cream" has reached a level of fame that most people know what it is. If you're not exactly "most people", I'd like to direct you to my review of the first BB cream I ever tried: Skin79 Oriental Gold BB Cream. I've got a quick background of what the product is and how it is applied, along with my thoughts and experience with that particular product. Now, to keep from redundancy, I'll skip those parts and jump right in to the actual product under scrutiny today: Skin79 Shimmering BB Cream.

It shares the pretty purple and gold packaging as Oriental Gold.

I mentioned in that earlier post that I got this particular BB cream in a bundle, so this post will serve as a follow up of sorts. See, I could have probably reviewed both in one go, but I figured it would be best to do one product at a time to do a more in depth review. For the current BB cream in question, the name is actually a tad misleading. This is not the kind of BB cream you slather all over your face and neck. As the name implies, it has shimmer particles that can easily make you look like a disco ball if too much is applied. In fact, on the box, it calls it a "sequined shimmer" so that alone should discourage you from being too heavy handed when using this product. However, if used in moderation, this gives a pretty shimmer that accentuates the dewy look you get from using a BB cream. Before I go into detail with application, let's take a quick look at the product packaging.

A larger click-pen style packaging.

Back of the product.

 The brush it comes with is dense with nice soft bristles, much like a foundation brush. 
You can also twist off the black part where the brush is for cleaning, as needed.

Directions for use and Ingredient List. (click photo to enlarge)
Why yes, it has gold too! (And three parabens, in case you're particular about that sort of thing)

I find the packaging interesting. See, I was fully expecting it to have a pump, similar to the Oriental Gold BB Cream, so I was very surprised to find the larger click-pen style of packaging. I forgot to take photos for scale, but the gold push pump at the base is about as large as a quarter so that should help you visualize how big the actual product is. (No, this isn't the sort of product you'd want to tote around with you in your itty bitty cosmetic bag.) The brush is also about the same size as your average foundation brush and comes off for sanitary reasons. This thoughtful sort of design is what elevates my opinion of this product as I very much appreciate the option of cleaning the brush head so that I can get a hygienic application every time. Now, while I appreciate how travel-ready this sort of packaging is, it can get annoying when you need quite a few clicks just to dispense product. And even then, you're liable to have too much on the brush, especially if you get impatient (like me) and click indiscriminately. I would have preferred a pump or a rollerball for better control with dispensing.

You get this much product on the brush after 3-4 clicks.

 See how the amount looks deceptively small?

Most of the product from the brush transferred on to clean skin.

Because of how dense the brush head is (I honestly find it strange to be nitpicking at a brush for being too thick), it can be tricky trying to figure out if you have any product at all or if you have too much. From the photos above, it's clear that it looks like it's just the right amount, but it's actually a lot already. It's important to point out that the consistency of this "sequined shimmer" is more on the runny side. It does have a bit of tint to it, but don't expect much coverage with this guy. I'd call it more of a highlighter really, so coverage doesn't really matter with this one. One more thing I want to mention is that it does have distinctive glitter particles. They're not huge, by any means, but they're fairly interspersed with the shimmer and you'll probably only really notice them if you lay this on thick. To prevent that from happening, I like to dab it on to the back of my hand before applying anything on my face. This keeps me from putting on too much product in one go. The thin consistency of the product also makes it easier to spread out and blends easily, even with just your fingers.

Bare skin on left, blended on the right. Natural light, no flash.

Bare skin on left, blended out on right. Sunlight, no flash.
Close up with Shimmering BB Cream blended in.

Shimmery? Check. Sequined? Well, sort of. As you can see from the swatches, it doesn't really have much coverage compared to the Oriental Gold and it has a fair amount of shimmer in it, as the name implies. If you paid attention to the box photo, the directions actually tell you to pretty much use it as a highlighter of sorts where you apply it on the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. Place it everywhere else and you'll give the disco ball a run for its money (in other words: please. no.). Now, you need to be careful with application, too, as the shimmer can migrate if applied haphazardly. Otherwise, this makes for a great product to add just a touch of glow to accentuate your burgeoning summer tan (hopefully acquired sun-less) and can be applied not just to the face, but also on shoulders or wherever else you'll want some shimmer. 

Hammie likes the versatility of this BB cream highlighter and the thoughtfulness towards sanitary cosmetic application. While he isn't much of a fan of the click-pen style packaging, he likes how subtle the actual shimmer is, especially if applied sparingly and only on specific areas of the face (and body). He says he'll probably want to slather it on everywhere (spoken like a true magpie-hamster!) but he does appreciate the runny formula that makes blending a breeze. As a freebie that came with the Oriental Gold BB Cream, Hammie gives this one some leeway and doles out a generous:

9 Hammie Points!

Do you regularly use a highlighter or is it something that only joins the rotation during the hot summer months? Would you prefer your highlighter to be in powder, cream or liquid form? Do you prefer a matte finish to your foundation or a dewy one?

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