Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nail Art Wednesday: Snowflakes Inspired Nails

I'm a big fan of snow. I love how the whiteness blankets everything and makes even the most horrible looking places look absolutely magical. I like the way it can look like thick frosting or at times, a light dusting of sugar icing. My favorite kind is the wet variety that clings to everything and sparkles like diamonds when the light shines on it a certain way. After so many winters, this island girl at heart is still enamored of the frozen white stuff. But do let me just get this straight. Snow = Yay but Cold, arctic winds = Boo. It's a good thing they don't usually come hand in hand although I find that here in the GTA, they kind of do. That certainly doesn't diminish my great fascination with it. (See, it even snows on the blog!) So it really doesn't come as a surprise that I'd eventually come up with nail art that's inspired by snow:

Snow-inspired sparkly tips!

What I Used:

Blue shimmer: Sally Hansen Blue It
Blue/teal duochromatic glitter: Confetti Ice Ice Baby
Silver stamping polish: Rimmel Lasting Finish Pure Silver
Holographic microglitter: Sally Hansen Silver Slightblade
Stamping plate: BM- 213 using the design encircled below (the one directly above the bats).

 How I Did It:

***I actually remembered to take photos while doing this design so we'll skip the how-to drawings in favor of actual nail swatches.

1.) After prepping your nails and applying your favorite base coat, apply two (or more) coats of your chosen base color. For this design, we're using a blue shimmer. Make sure you get full coverage and the polish is dry before proceeding to the next steps.

2.) Apply a layer of the blue/teal duochromatic glitter. If you don't have any glitter that fits the bill, any regular silver glitter or multi-colored glitter will work, too.

3.) Place some of your silver glitter or holographic glitter at the tip of the nails. I was thinking this would make it look like the snow is falling on it but once you see the completed design, the holographic glitter didn't really show up that clearly. Feel free to skip this step.

4.) Stamp the design using your silver polish.

5.) Top it all with a layer of holographic microglitter and top coat to seal in the design. All done!

Easy peasy, right? I know the pattern doesn't quite look exactly like snowflakes..more like snow balls or something. But hey, I was happy to sport these and they looked perfectly fine from afar. ;) My camera had such a hard time taking photos of this. I guess the glitter overload was a little too much for it to handle.

I love the bits of rainbow all over!

 Close up of the nail.

 With one of my favorite scarves.

One last look!

What's your take on snow: are you a fan or would you rather skip it? When did you stop making snowmen? What's your favorite winter activity?


  1. Cool manicure, Carmela! ;) Pun intended.

    I can see how with a little modification, you could turn these into firework nails for a celebratory feel. :)

    Great job!

  2. This is a really beautiful mani!! I love snowflake manis, but that's about it. While snow is pretty, fast forward to day 2 and what do you get? A big dirty mess!!! Yeah, not fun at all.
    I think I stopped making snowmen when I was about 13. I quit early, lol. Oh yeah, and my favorite winter activity is to stay warm indoors, reading, watching TV, relaxing ;0).

  3. I adore the shades you chose to make this look like glistening snow!
    You and Mary both make me want to bite my tongue and wear blue on my nails until I too can pull them off as splendidly as you two!
    Gorgeous combo!

  4. love it! cant wait for snow here in jersey!

  5. Thanks, Mary! Way appropriate pun! ;)

    Oh, you're so right! I guess that would've made for a great NYE mani. Too bad I didn't think of it earlier.

  6. Thanks, Marisa! Hahaha, I know how you feel. I tend to forget about the gray slush it turns into as I like to remember only the good things. :P I suppose I'd hate it too if I had to clean up after! Would you believe I only made my first snow man last year? I made the hubby promise to help me make one. :) Hibernation, I like it! :D

  7. Thanks, Marta! That's a huge compliment coming from you! :)
    Oh, ANY color would look gorgeous on you. I think blue will rock your socks!

  8. Thanks, Morgan! :) I've been praying for a whole lot more snow but we haven't got much out here yet (although I hear the southern parts are getting a whole lot of snow already). Yay for snow lovers! :D

  9. The snowman must have been fun. Everyone should do it at least once

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