Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nail Art Wednesday: Hello Kitty Nails

While you're reading this, I'm probably scampering off after my half toddling, half running slip of a niece. She's so adorable! Such an easygoing baby, she hasn't cried at all or had a tantrum since she's been here last Sunday. She lets you know when she's hungry (points at food!), says "dada" when she's sleepy (I've learned that her dad is usually the one who puts her to sleep so that's associated with him) and isn't a picky eater. I'm crossing my fingers this doesn't change even when she hits the terrible twos. And probably like every other little kid out there, she adores Elmo like no other. She has this singing Elmo doll that dances and plays music when you press a button (which she likes to do herself) and she dances along with him. I briefly had my own phase with Hello Kitty but I've since outgrown it. But in the spirit of favorite childhood characters:

Some subtle Hello Kitty tone on tone nails!

What I Used:
Periwinkle base color: Sally Hansen Advanced Lengths Shy
Pink foil stamping polish: Color Club Hot Like Lava
Stamping plate: Hello Kitty plate from (I just recently got mine for free with an order but their coupon for it just expired last December 31, 2011. *sad face*)

How I Did It:
***This is so easy that I really didn't need to do a graphic for it but I figured I would anyway for the sake of continuity. Plus, it's always easier to tell a story with photos!

I'm a sucker for tone on tone color combinations. I probably should learn to branch out more and do higher contrast color combinations for fun and unexpected results. How's that for a late new year's resolution? Well, come to think of it, Chinese New Year isn't till the 23rd so I can still make that resolution in time for *that* new year! I was already wearing this periwinkle polish (that actually flashes pink in some angles!) when I decided to Hello Kitty-fy it. I probably could've added a bit more bling by way of a glitter top coat but I do like how simple and unassuming this came out.

Easy, breezy Hello Kitty nails! (No copyright infringement intended!)

Being demure and girly with a pale pink fabric rose.

With a Hello Kitty planner I unearthed!

Hello Kitty Polishes I found at a Target! 
(If you want a bottle, I can give up 2. Let me know in the comments!)

Hammie asks: Who was your favorite childhood character? Are you a big Hello Kitty fan yourself? As far as characters on TV go, did you know I was supposed to star in that Kia commercial but they thought I was too good and might steal all the limelight from the other hamsters? (No, not really. --Carmela)


  1. Oh your niece sounds adorable!!!! You sounds like a great aunty too!
    Love this little child-friendly manicure and your photos (as always ) are so fun to look at!

  2. Hehe, those itty bitty Hellow Kitty polishes are so adorable, as is your manicure! :) (Thanks again for the pink one you gave me earlier - it makes me smile when I look at it. It's as cute as a button!) favourite childhood character? I'd have to say it was Rainbow Brite - I used to carry that doll everywhere with me, and I had a thing for Patty O'Green (even though I never got that doll). The Colour Kids were the coolest, and I still love them today! If OPI or China Glaze made a collection based on them, I'm sure it would be a hit! And then, for Murky and Lurky, they could put out a charcoal-brown-green multichrome.

    Glad that your niece is so well-behaved! :D Haha, kids are a joy...but especially when they're good! ;)

  3. This is so cute!!

  4. She absolutely is! She's such a happy baby and not at all shy with other people. Heck, she even likes to wave at random people when we ate at restaurants! :) She's so funny about food, too. She has such a huge appetite as she is quite the active baby and wants to eat every hour. Good thing she'll take most anything you give her! She even likes to eat lime slices! Aww, thanks, Marta! :)

  5. Thanks, Mary! Want one more? :D

    Ooooh, I loved Rainbow Brite, too! I remember having a plastic food set that I wanted to use all the time. It got so bad that I'd refuse to eat if it wasn't on my Rainbow Brite plate, along with my Rainbow Brite utensils. ;) Well, the Muppets collection happened so I guess that particular collaboration might not be too far off!

    Well, she has her bad days, too. One day, she missed her nap schedule and was such a huge cranky pants. We ended up plying her with snacks as that seemed like the only way to keep her happy! (She has an intimate relationship with food in that just the sight of a potential meal or a full bottle of milk has her gurgling in happiness.)

  6. Glad you like it, Marisa! Thank you! :)


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