Monday, August 6, 2012

Twin Post with Stephanie of Sincerely Stephanie Nails using MASH plate #39

I have a nail stamping enabler whose name starts with M and rhymes with Bertha. She showcases these amazing designs that create this (unnecessary?) overwhelming need to own the plates from which said designs come from. I now have 4 sets of stamping plates (and counting) thanks to her superb enabling skills (either that, or I'm really just a sucker for awesome stamping plates; I prefer to think the former, though). One of those sets I acquired along with a new nail buddy, Stephanie from Sincerely Stephanie Nails. See, this nail stamping enabler of mine hooked both of us up so that we could do a joint order to save on shipping. In the process, we've become good pals and have decided to do a series of twin posts featuring nail art designs using our new MASH nail plates set. Each post will have a nail art design using a single plate that one of us has chosen. We went with two each so you're in for a treat of four (!) nail designs from each of us over the next few days.

Today's featured plate, #39 is Stephanie's pick. It has four full nail patterns (a fan-like one, a plaid one, one with roses shaped like hearts and one that was scalloped) and an image of a rearing unicorn. (I forgot to take a photo of the plate so I'll have to update this with one later on. But for now, you can see a photo of the plate from Bregje of Oooh Shinies here.) While brainstorming designs, I knew I wanted to use a full nail pattern, but which of the four, I wasn't sure. So I picked some colors that appealed to me and tried to pair it to one of the patterns. Here's what I came up with:


What I Used:
Pale aqua creme base: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Barracuda
Colors used for texture/mottling: OPI Pros & Bronze, Zoya Skylar and Orly Ancient Jade
White stamping polish: Finger Paints Paper Mache
Smallest size of bronze rhinestones from Cult Nails
Small piece of saran wrap and a piece of foil

How I Did It:

Step 1: After your favorite base coat is applied and dry, apply an opaque layer of your base color. For our purposes, we'll be using a pale aqua one.

Step 2: Take your glittery bronze, jade, and dusty blue polishes and smear some on the piece of foil (the amount of each color depends on what look you're going for). While the polishes are still wet, take that piece of saran wrap and crumple it into a loose ball. Dip it on to the polish and dab it on to the nail, once. Repeat the process for each nail.

Step 3: Once the previous layer is dry, stamp on the fan-like full nail design on to the accent nail(s) of your choice using the white stamping polish. I did my ring and thumb. To add more oomph, place a tiny bronze gem on the middle of the biggest fan. Top everything with top coat and you're all set!

I'm really enjoying this saran wrap method of creating texture on your nails. It's fast, simple and the results are stunning. The best part is how the texture is only present on the color itself while there's practically none you can feel on the nail. Top coat really smooths out any grit so you get a nice mirror-like shine.

Here's what the entire hand looks like. 
The pattern actually fit nicely on my thumb. Not a perfect fit, but good enough.

The texture reminded me of turquoise so I pulled out these earrings I had for comparison.

Not quite the same but I still like how it looks.

After taking a few photos with this daisy, I realized that adding the bronze gem made it look like half a flower!

I was hoping the bronze would translate more solidly, but the scattered effect is quite pretty, to be honest.

Not bad for the opening salvo of this particular twin post series, huh? *grin* Knowing Stephanie, she won't disappoint so do please head over to Sincerely Stephanie Nails to see her take using plate #39! Now, I'm not even sure what to call this design. "Turquoise fan nails" just doesn't quite have that ring to it. What would you call this design? Have you been hoarding nail art implements (be it gems, nail stamping plates, stickers, water decals, etc) like you have with your nail polishes? Would you have left out the rhinestones on this one?


  1. I love it!! Simply gorgeous, the saran wrap with the metallic and the stud is just perfect. Love everything about it! :D

  2. Thanks, Stephanie! :) I can't get enough of this saran wrap technique. It's just too much fun and so little effort for maximum results.

  3. You are just knocking these out of the park! I'm loving the saran wrap method/foil method... this turned out sooo beautiful!

  4. *blushes* High praise coming from you! It's a God-send technique, for sure. I'd nominate whoever came up with it for a Nobel prize! Low mess, low effort and high stunning end product: win-win all around! :D


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