Friday, June 1, 2012

Unboxing Loose Button Luxe Box April 2012

I was going through my photo archive and belatedly realized I hadn't posted these unboxing photos for the April 2012 Luxe Box. To be honest, I've had my box since early May as it came when I was out of town. It joined all the other awesome nail mail that I had a lot of fun opening when I got back. Luckily, I had the foresight to take photos while I opened this particular box so that I could post about it. But the bad thing was, I didn't realize how bad the light was (I think I took them just as the sun was setting) so these came out pretty dark. I had to enhance them a lot but I tried to keep them as close to how they look in real life, otherwise. Anyway, let's jump right to it!

Let's see what's inside the April Luxe Box!

 The personalized sticker is always a nice touch.

 A win for everyone!


 I'm a tad disappointed that I only get 3.75mL of this. I would've loved a full-size!
It's actually really good for when I want to do a "no nail polish" nail polish look to mask my horribly stained nails (Boo, Orly Sweet Tart. It's been almost 8 months and the stain's still there..).

 I'm thrilled to get this Orlane sample! 
I've been interested in trying the brand but it's pricey ($95 for a 100mL product!) so to get a sample to try is pretty awesome. 

 I've heard good things about CHI but have never tried the brand. 
I'm curious to see how this fares seeing as I can use this product on the hair AND skin.

 Feeling a little meh on this one. I know it's a new product and it certainly looks like Loose Button has a partnership with P&G what with the Olay Regenerist from a previous box, too, but I really can't call this a luxury or premium brand. On the bright side, it sure would come in handy for travel!

The lot of it!

What do you think about April's sample haulage? Orlane is really the only premium brand out of the four samples but I do enjoy being able to try the Seche nail polish (a full-sized bottle would've been better though) and the CHI hair product. I realize that the Pantene shampoo is probably part of a company thrust to promote newly released P&G products which is why it's included, along with a call to answer a survey, but I honestly don't think it qualifies as the sort of product you'd want to get in a sample subscription service. Especially if your main reason, like mine, is to be able to try deluxe samples of high end brands you'd wouldn't normally go for because of price restrictions.

Hammie feels the same and thinks the Pantene duo coupled with the Seche nail polish should be considered a single sample. But then, remembering how Loose Button partnered with the Canadian Cancer Society, we're hoping cutting the budget towards getting better samples resulted in a sizeable donation to the charity. Now, that would make getting mediocre samples for the time being something forgivable. All things considered, Hammie scored the April Luxe Box:

8 Hammie Points!

Happy Friday! It's a very wet day today, even some flooding in the city, so I'm staying warm and bundled up at home. If you're braving the sewage/rain mix in downtown Toronto, I sincerely hope you're wearing wellies. If not, scrub, scrub, scrub when you get home! I'm hoping it lets up soon as I wanted to go see the bed races at the Unionville festival. Any fun weekend plans? Would you consider Pantene and Seche premium brands? In your opinion, what makes a brand a premium one? If you've signed up for a sample subscription service like Loose Button, how are you enjoying it so far?


  1. I wish they had better products sometimes, and I agree about the full sized Seche polish.
    Also, I stayed inside today because of all the flooding in Toronto. Stayed nice and bundled up on my couch, like you!

  2. I would have been so disappointed to see Pantene in a subscription box! That's a fail on their part, for sure.

  3. I hear you, Shannon. It *was* such a disappointment. The May box is somewhat better, though I'm still waiting for a "bonus box" that they promised in an email campaign. Here's to hoping it gets here soon so I can post about it!

  4. Hi there, I came over here via link on Scrangie's blog and I've really enjoyed reading it. I wish we had more box schemes like this in the U.K but I have to agree on the Pantene. That is a relatively cheap supermarket brand over here, hardly luxe I don't think.

  5. Glad you found us, Alison! Thank you so much, that means a lot. :)

    It really was a let down with the Pantene sample. Not exactly what I was hoping to get. As for having more box schemes, well, I honestly think you should just give it time. It used to be that us, Canadians, couldn't get them either (like the Birchbox service) but the market is there, it just needs to be tapped. It's slowly expanded and more options come with that.

    It looks like Glossybox ( is available in your area though. Have you tried it? It just recently crossed the pond and I'm thinking of maybe giving it a go.


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