Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Truckload Tuesdays: Holiday Haulage!

With so much vacation related posts one after the other, (and another one queued tomorrow!) what happened to nail polish-centric Polished Indulgence? Hammie wanted to see some nail polish action and to keep the little guy happy, here's a Truckload Tuesday to whet your nail polish appetite!


After our cruise, we actually stayed overnight in Buffalo before heading back to Toronto. It was just as well as Mr. J and I were both so tired after all the traveling we'd done. Even better than getting a bit of down time before a few hours more of driving was the opportunity to get some across the border shopping deals! While we were on the trip, we mostly just got souvenirs for the family and friends we left back home (I got my niece an adorable pink onesie from Harvard that said "Future Harvard Freshman"!) so we didn't get much of anything for ourselves. At least that's how we justified it. Read on to see what nail polish goodies I picked up!

So maybe my own shopping bags weren't THAT full or plentiful..

 The Target damage (L-R: Tango Mango, Dream of Genie, and Fairy Princess), along with a couple dresses I got for only $15 each, and a Physicians Formula translucent face powder with SPF 30 that'll be perfect for retouching throughout the day this summer!

 The Ulta damage (L-R: Blue Streak, Tutu Cute, and Fuchsiamania), along with my first Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed (forgot to photograph!)

 China Glaze neons (Custom Kicks and Celtic Sun) and a couple Prismatics (Polarized and Optical Illusion) from Beauty Plus at Walden Galleria.
I got quite a bit from this store so that explains the lackluster haulage from Ulta. :P

 Also from Beauty Plus, OPI Vodka and Caviar (it's finally miiiine!), Color Club Mrs. Robinson and OPI I Don't Give a Rotter-dam.
They already had the Spiderman collection out but I'm really not feeling anything from it so I passed.

One can never have too many neons, right?
This was an impulse buy from Winners in Calgary in another nameless Color Club set.

After editing the photos above, I realized I forgot to photograph another wrongly labeled Color Club set I picked up from Ross while I was in San Antonio. I have looked it up though and it was fairly easy to figure out what the names were since they were all mostly glitter. It had three of the Holiday Beyond the Mistletoe 2011 glitters including: Gingerbread, Sugarplum Fairy, and Beyond the Mistletoe, as well as Magic Attraction, Covered in Diamonds and what looks like Strawberry Candle, plus top coat. I probably could've skipped out on this set but it was such an appealing $7.99! And to think we, Canadians, squeal in delight at $14.99 of the same sets! The price disparity never fails to annoy (often) frugal me.

So there you go! Nothing particularly spectacular, but just in case you were curious. :D

Hammie asks: What have you had your eye on recently? We're really feeling the brights of summer and we can't seem to pass them up! How many nail polishes in one go was the most you've ever purchased for your own personal use?


  1. love your haul! eeeek, i'm afraid to think about how much polish i've purchased in one go... let's say it was over 20 bottles at least :D

  2. Aww, thanks, Ria! Hahaha, I know how you feel! I was in a worse hauling state earlier this year so the wallet is thanking me for slowing down some (if you can even call this slowing down, haha!) You must have an epic collection, tho! Where can I drool over photos of it? ;)


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