Monday, May 14, 2012

Three Weeks, Eight Cities, Four Connecting Flights, Two Port Destinations and a Whole Lot of Fun! (Part 2: Boston)

After Bermuda, we hit some rough seas and gale force winds that had the ship rocking and rolling. The crew suggested green apples to prevent seasickness and I had one, but it just didn't do it for me. Thank goodness for packing Gravol! Even with the less than pleasant weather, we got to Boston with the sun out! (Again, photo heavy post!)

 Our first glimpse of the Boston skyline from the port. A bit cloudy but it clears up soon enough.

 We went on a city tour of historic Boston and Cambridge, and Harvard was our first stop.
Interestingly, we were told that there are 3 lies about this John Harvard statue: 
1) He wasn't the founder of the College. It was just named after him for being a generous benefactor who left his extensive library to the school; 2) The date inscribed is wrong; and 3) The fellow above is just a model as they didn't have a photograph of the actual fellow who died in 1638.

 More scenes from Harvard University.

 I honestly can't remember what was so special about this building except it was really tall and shiny.

 There sure were a lot of interesting architecture everywhere you look.

 If I'm not mistaken, this was the city hall. (Please do correct me if I'm wrong.)

 This was one of the original buildings from back in the 1600s. 
It might have been the original city hall if my memory serves me correct.

 Of course we heard about the story of Paul Revere!

 There was this wonderful memorial in front of the Old North Church (the steeple of which was the highest  point in the area and the signal light was seen from this location).

 The inside of the church was interesting! There were these box pews that were rented out to families (upkeep and maintenance was the renter's responsibility; we sat in one that a general rented!) and kept the chill away during services in the winter. The box kept the cold out and coal braziers inside were lit to provide warmth.

 After the Old North Church stop, we ended up at a cemetery...

 This was one of the oldest tombstones we saw: 1693!
Some were heartbreaking; we saw a headstone that was for 4 brothers, all of whom were really only babies with the oldest 19 months old only.

 The Freedom Trail Marker.

 The USS Constitution: the world's oldest commissioned naval vessel still afloat and most famously remembered in the War of 1812 against Great Britain.

 After the tour, we spent the rest of the afternoon in and around the Quincy Market area.

 A replica of the Cheers bar from the show! 
The actual bar used as the backdrop to the show is located elsewhere in Boston (we passed it on our way around the tour but didn't have time to stop).

Fresh boiled lobster and Boston clam chowder to cap an awesome day in Boston!

The other days were cruising days spent on the ship. I really can't recommend the cruising experience enough: it was a lot of relaxation and pampering; there were tons of activities both on board and on shore where you can opt for a jam-packed vacation or one that's more leisurely. There was food available at all times, and the quality of which is a lot like eating out for all of your meals. The crew were all friendly and helpful, with the atmosphere fostering the budding friendships you're bound to make on the trip. We've even met travelers who were cruising by themselves, including a fellow Canadian from Quebec who had such a blast despite being there alone. I now totally understand the existence of serial cruisers. Heck, when I retire, I'd love to do just that. Then again, why wait that long? ;)

Hammie wonders: Have you ever been on a cruise? Which sort of vacation would you prefer more: a cruise or an all-inclusive beach getaway?


  1. So glad you enjoyed boston! I love living here!!

  2. thesmalllittlethingsinlifeMay 14, 2012 at 3:30 p.m.

    Aww this looks like a blast! I've always wanted to visit Boston but the boy doesn't understand why! I don't even know why myself, I just know I want to go! I love old architecture and US history (even if I'm Canadian haha).

  3. I absolutely loved Boston when I visited there with my ex-husband. Such a great city.

  4. I really want to go to North America, Canada included! SOme amazing buildings.

  5. Thanks for sharing your photos with us! :) I feel like I was in your pocket on your trip with you, Carmela. :)

    Wow, those 3 lies about John Harvard are pretty major! Haha, what's up with that? :P

  6. It's a gorgeous city, Elex! I can definitely see the charm. :)

  7. Oh, but it's always like they say: the grass is greener on the other side. ;) Learning about the history was definitely interesting, tho. Seeing the different styles of architecture was pretty cool! I probably have dozens more photos of buildings (much to my mom's chagrin, haha) that didn't make the cut. Have you been to Montreal/Quebec City? The architecture and history is pretty awesome there, too, if you want to travel and don't want to leave Canada! :) But that being said, I hope you make your way to Boston one day, Annick!

  8. I agree! :) Just wish we could've had more time to explore. How long did you visit for, Shannon? I'm pretty sure we missed a whole bunch of other places to see and things to do!

  9. Yes, come visit, Esther! :) I'm sure it's amazing on your side of the pond, too. Just the photos of the scenery you share of instagram take my breath away!

  10. You're welcome! Hahaha, well, if you had a pocket sized version, I could've brought you along, Mary! ;)

    I know, right? It was so funny, I'm surprised they didn't just change the inscription that said he was the founder and correct the date!


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