Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hammie says Hello!

While I've been obsessing over the more tedious aspects of starting a blog, Hammie's been badgering me to at least say a quick hello to all the wonderful would be readers of Polished Indulgence. He threatened me with a filthy spot in that jaunty little space he owns on the blog. Now, Hammie's a very clean little fella and for him to threaten that, why I had to pay attention!

While I'm more than aware that this may very well be a ploy to get more treats (the more readers we have, the higher the number of possible treat givers), I belatedly realize that I have been quite remiss in welcoming you all to our newly christened blog. Boo Carmela, boo.

At any rate, we're hard at work to churn out some wonderful posts in the coming weeks. We're shooting for at least a bi-weekly updating schedule so definitely look forward to that. First up on our plate will be a couple of nail polishes that are part of a freshly released collection by the Canadian brand Quo in collaboration with nail giant Orly, followed by some cheapie but goodie nail polishes that any nail fiend in the making should consider acquiring.

Before I spill all my beans, I'll end there, along with a promise of great things to come!

P.S. Hammie says he likes treats. Any time. All the time. Please give him lots and lots of treats.


  1. Hey Carmela!

    I'm so excited that you've started a blog. Looking forward to seeing wonderful things from you! :) And thank you for being such a supportive and loyal Swatch And Learn visitor!

    Oh, and I'm such a softie. I fed Hammie A LOT of treats. But it's good he has his wheel so he can run some of it off...hehe!

  2. Yay, our first comment! Thanks so much, Mary! Will try to make you proud. :)

    Aww, I'm pretty sure he'll run most of it off. I think he does it when no one's looking tho, mostly to make sure he can have even more treats when they come!

  3. Thank you so much! That really means a lot. Thank you!

  4. You've already made me proud of you. :) Taking the first step to begin a blog is often one of the hardest. Through good times and bad, I'll be here to encourage you.


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